For those who are all about feminine flair, neo-romanticism and classy finds, Dorothy Perkins is your new fashion best friend. Express your personal sense of style without having to utter a word, Dorothy Perkins has wardrobes full of fantastic finds to suit different occasions. Heading to a wedding reception, graduation ceremony, formal day at work or a fancy date night? Check! Choose from the brand’s Tall, Petite, Maternity, Lingerie, Shoes or Accessory ranges. Find your inner Dorothy Perkins in Malaysia and view more designs and the latest fashion statements from Dorothy Perkins!


Be Fashion Forward with Dorothy Perkins Malaysia

Chic, classy and simple, Dorothy Perkins guarantees highly fashionable ready-to-wear clothing for women. If you're going for that innocent, girl-next-door look, the brand offers quality bags, shoes and clothes that would fit your personality. You don't have to be a good girl to enjoy the best clothes from Dorothy Perkins. Stand out and have fun while revamping your wardrobe. Shop at our store today and get the best deals and finds from our partners! Don't forget to pick up your own Dorothy Perkins look!

How it all started, over 90 years ago

First known as Ladies Hosiery and Underwear Limited, Dorothy Perkins came to life in the Edwardian era. It was during this time that society ladies veered towards the ‘Belle Époque’ look, long skirts, and S shaped silhouettes. Those in the middle class wore long skirts with high collared blouses. In 1919, the brand expanded to include 12 shops, and gained popularity with its value for money offers. The Flapper girl was born in the ‘roaring twenties’, and this era saw sleek dresses and hairstyles.

Moving forward to 1939, the brand officially started using the Dorothy Perkins name. The name came as a suggestion from the brand director’s wife and was inspired by the name of the classic rambling rose. The brand went on gaining a following and in 1966, Dorothy Perkins opened its 250th shop. During this year, cash registers were also introduced in all their stores.

In 1987, the brand launched its ‘Secrets’ lingerie and nightwear collection to a rousing response. The following year marked another first, with the launch of the Dorothy Perkins Account Card. The brand’s maternity range rolled out in select stores in the city in 1993. This collection offered mothers-to-be comfortable yet fashionable clothing options from sizes 8 to 20.

A brand’s that stood strong despite changing eras, Dorothy Perkins pushed ahead of the crowd again in 1994, when it was one of the first companies to utilize a celebrity spokesperson. The brand chose Helena Christensen as the face of Dorothy Perkins during which time their tagline read ‘where you can afford to look good’. Later in 1997, Helena Christensen was joined by Yasmin Le Bon, the brand’s second celebrity ambassador.

In 1998, Dorothy Perkins joined the Arcadia Group Plc. family and joins brands like Burtons, Evans, Topshop, Topman, Racing Green, Principles and Hawkshead. The brand also debuted its ‘Petite’ range for women 5ft 3in and under. The next year, Dorothy Perkins entered the digital age with its very own online store which allowed customers to show any day of the week, at any time.

The brand’s ‘Tall’ range was released in 2001, catering to women 5ft 8in and over. The range featured adapted trends from Dorothy Perkins’ core range. Fast forward to a few years later, in 2007, the brand boasted over 600 stores in the United Kingdom as well as 52 international outlets in countries like Malaysia, Spain, Gibraltar, Cyprus and Turkey.

Dorothy Perkins clothing and the stars

This high street brand doesn’t fall short in terms of celebrity associations. The brand has been linked with and supported by a-list women on screen which include Anne Hathaway, Blake Lively, Ella Henderson, Frieda Pinto, Kate Beckinsale, Caroline Flack, Denise Van Noten, Kate Hudson, Olivia Palermo, Olivia Wilde, Rachel Cornick and the Kardashian sisters.

The fabulous list you don’t want to miss

1. According to the official website, a Dorothy Perkins jersey top is sold every two seconds.
2. In 1919, the brand introduced five-shilling (25 pence) blouses and a range of knitwear.
3. Dorothy Perkin’s collections are updated daily online and weekly in physical stores.
4. The brand offers UK sizes 6 to 22.
5. Dorothy Perkins collaborated with London based designer Olivia Rubin for an exclusive collection in 2012.

Dorothy Perkins style and color guide

The best thing about Dorothy Perkins is that it caters to all women, tall, short, pregnant or curvy. Aside from its complementing shape, the brand also features a great array of colors which you can mix and match. If you lack an eye for color and how to complement it, here is a style guide to help you pick your own Dorothy Perkins outfit:

  • Don't just randomly select the colors. You don't want to be too flashy with all the colors on your clothes when you walk down the street. Keep your colors within the same family: namely: pastels, earth and jewel tones.
  • Use the color wheel. If you are serious about improving your eye for style, then a color wheel would definitely help. Finding the right complementing colors is a basic skill that you need to perfect and with the help of the color wheel, it would make it easier. Finding complementary colors is easy, just look at the opposite of the main color you want to use on your outfit and there's your complementary color!
  • Ombre it up! Ombre is a French word meaning 'to tone'. Different shades of a color looks very attractive but don't overdo it! Remember to always complement your colors and wear accessories that fit your entire outfit.
  • Let your prints help you out. If you are still having a hard time trying to mix and match your colors or you are unsure of what color to pick, get your best printed scarf or shirt and start from there! Utilize the colors printed on each of your pieces, from top, bottom, shoes and accessories.
  • When in doubt, black and white it out. If until now you are still having a hard time on what colors to use, don't worry, you can still wear black and white on all your pieces but it doesn't have to be exclusively black and white. You can complement your look with neutral colors like gray, denim, gold or silver.

Dress to impress with Dorothy Perkins clothing online

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