Dockers Malaysia is a clothing and apparel brand for men that is famous for its simplistic elegance. No need to look overdressed just to be noticed! Find out more classy and subtle yet catchy styles from Dockers here!


Dockers Malaysia: The Perfect Fit That Makes You Edgy

Dockers is a long running brand that’s well known to for the perfection of their khakis and the fashion essentials that go with them, both for men and women. Their style may seem so fresh as if it was invented yesterday but it actually goes way further in history. This brand has come to rise in 1986 as a subsidiary of the Levi Strauss & Co and Jacob Davis, which even has an even longer running history that started back in 1853. Its parent company was the first to have created the blue jean, which is the most common casual pants that people use today. All Throughout their history, they have been a great influence in the fashion scene’s marketplace as they have contributed to the inspiration of today’s fashion.

Khaki – A Signature Fashion by Heroes

Docker is the brand that introduced Khakis into the world. But, long ago during the Spanish American War in 1898, before it became known in the mainstream market, the United States Army adopted Khaki pants into their soldier outfits. It was in 1909 that the parent company of Docker’s the Levi Strauss & Co. brought Khakis into the market under the sunset label. Initially, they were just designed for a more extravagant occasion and were available then in Olive and Tan colors. Then eventually 7 years later, Khakis took a new label still under the Levi Strauss company but is more defined – Levis. In 1922 it started to cater to the fashion need of women, but solely for the purpose of hiking and outdoor adventures.
It was in 1986 that the company with such a rich heritage, the Levis Strauss and company Officially launched their brand of pants which pushed Khakis closer into the spotlight, which was named as Dockers. With Dockers representing Khakis in the market, along the road, it underwent a few more repackaging and reinventing until it became a thing and slowly pushed denim away from the spotlight. As Dockers moved forward as a brand, it eventually tailored more than just khaki pants – they now offer a complete clothing experience for both men and women, boasting a style that could go well with any decent style you want to pull off.

The Dockers Collection

With the vast clothing collection that Docker has launched even before it took on the name that it has now, they have already showcased a number of styles and cuts. However, they are still able to keep their selections fairly simple. Their clothing line is classified according to the following:


Their range of trousers features a wide array of denim pants of different style and cut. Today, some of their most in demand trousers are the slim fit, slim tapered, classic fit, athletic tapered, and a lot more. Most of their trousers though are specially made for men.

Dockers Alpha

From the word “alpha” which means superior, this product category from Dockers features their most sought after khakis. 3 of most wanted Khakis are:

  • Dockers Alpha Khaki Skinny Tapered
  • Dockers Alpha Khaki Slim Tapered
  • Dockers Alpha Khaki Athletic Tapered


Their clothing selection sports all of the basic clothing that you could identify. Despite being famous for their top of the class Khakis, they still offer clothes for your day to day fashion need, and they always got it updated. Their Tees, Polos, Jackets, short, all carry the same vibe – simplicity and elegance. Their clothing line brings out the inner gentlemen of every man who wears Dockers.

Men of Dockers

Dockers is highly patronized by many famous gents not just in the show business but also by social media stars. Among their famous endorsers are the following guys:

Daniel Christopher Preda

A Long Angeles resident and model, he took social media with his charm and vibrant personality. As a model who loves to have elegant shots of the high life in LA, he has taken to his blog the best tips in how to look good, and Dockers is among the brands of his choice when it comes to dressing up for a date night.

Moti Ankari

Better known by the name Metro Man, he has a huge fan base following his lifestyle blog. According to Moti Ankari, “You don’t need to be in a suit and tie to be well dressed,” men wear that fits hit right such as Docker is his secret to always looking good. According to him, you don’t need to wear clothes that are edgy and fashion trendy, wear what’s fit you best, clothes that are tailored to your body, and it will look good.

For clothes and fashion that are not too edgy but not too boring and will surely never go out of style Dockers is the perfect brand put on for guys, and even for the ladies. Shop now at iprice and get some awesome discounts while you shop to look good with Dockers.