Make Donna Karan proud by pairing your ensemble with DKNY watches. Experience how true New Yorkers dress themselves and exude their confidence through DKNY Malaysia and their watches. Read all about DKNY watches here.

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What you Need to Know about DKNY Watches

Donna Karan New York, or simply known as DKNY, is more than just a luxury brand meant to reflect Karan’s view of New York City. Founded in 1984, it has launched a variety of clothing and accessories. From jeans to perfumes, DKNY is a staple for those who seek true, classic New York City style. Their products are imbued with the energy, attitude, and spirit of New Yorkers, it combines modern tailoring with sophisticated simplicity.

For all the sophisticated men and women who strive to emulate the confidence of New Yorkers, donning a watch can elevate that confidence. DKNY watches are specifically designed to be practical and desirable to consumers from all backgrounds.

Types of DKNY Watches

There are usually two types of DKNY men and women watches, the analogue and chronograph. They come in different surface styles, colors, and strap materials. Most of them are made from ceramic, stainless steel, and leather,


The basic watch everyone’s familiar with. It has hands for the hour, minute and seconds, with printed numbers around the surface. The hands are moved by gears inside the watch and they can take form in either mechanical, automatic, or Quartz. Most DKNY watches are Quartz since watches with this type of gear are more accurate and affordable.


Chronograph watches can be used to measure time because of the built-in stopwatch. These watches commonly come with three buttons; the normal winder, the pusher start, and the stop and reset button. To count the time, these watches have independent hands and they would often separate the interface to tell the seconds in another section to avoid confusion.

What to consider before buying a DKNY watch

If you’re unsure about buying a DKNY watch, these few factors are what you should think about before making your purchase.


DKNY ladies watches normally relies on simplicity by using neutral colors like silver, rose, gold, and yellow gold. Some of them would often be decorated with crystals or diamonds around the face of the watch. Men’s watches from DKNY, on the other hand, are more masculine and uses darker colors like black or brown. Some watches even have the changeable strap feature.


There are many types of watches you can choose from depending on your need. Watches usually comes in the types of dress watches, field, aviator, dive watches, and racing watches. DKNY watches are mostly simple dress watches that you can wear to formal meetings or casual events. Simplified chronographic field watches are also available, perfect for those who seek that extra oomph factor.


Since Quartz watches are made from simple materials and do not require constant winding, they are the cheapest types of watches in the market. Quartz watches don’t need to be put in an automatic winder which in itself can cause thousands of ringgits. They are also durable and servicing costs are also reasonably priced. As a luxurious designer brand, DKNY Quartz watches are considered to be reasonable priced and accessible.

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