DKNY - a label that is synonymous with the term modern and casual wear is the go-to brand where people search for comfortable clothing with chic aesthetics and even accessories and fragrances. So if you are looking for a brand that screams class and elegance without forgetting style, DKNY is the brand to look out for. Check out the brand's best products in Malaysia or read more about the brand below.

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DKNY Must-Haves That Would Spice Up your Wardrobe

Every time you put on something from DKNY, you should know that there is a long and interesting history of how it became what it is today. This fashion label that was created by long-time designer, Donna Karan which lies in the glamorous city of New York. DKNY became an immediate success for the designer and quickly became a number of specialty lines which were DKNY Kids, DKNY Jeans, DKNY Active and DKNY Underwear to name a few. To give you a lowdown, here are DKNY items that would spice up your wardrobe.

DKNY Clothing

From a brand that started in clothing, DKNY has a great selection of wearable fashion from tops, sweaters, dresses, jackets, and pants. DKNY derives inspiration from the streets of New York from where the brand was first established. Their New York street style clothing is well-known across the globe for their simple and wearable clothing for both men and women.

Fun fact: hen DKNY was launched, it was a casual line of affordable clothes for working women who wanted to don a designer name but unable to afford her couture prices.

DKNY Sportswear

From the success of their clothing line, DKNY launched their sportswear series that would suit your active lifestyle. DKNY creates a wide range of premium sportswear such as sports bras, track pants, sweaters, tank tops, leggings, and running apparel. If you want to look fabulous while working out, then choose DKNY sportswear.

DKNY Shoes

Shoes will always be a factor when it comes to choosing the right outfit, that's why DKNY has prepared a great selection of classy footwear for both men and women. DKNY shoes are a combination of both classic and contemporary styles which resulted in a unique and wearable design regardless of the season or occasion. DKNY has a great selection of shoes from women's booties, heels, chealseas, platforms, and even sneakers!


To match your DKNY shoes, DKNY also has their own line of bags which come in different shapes and sizes. DKNY bags are made from premium fine-quality leather in a wide variety of colors, cuts, and types such as totes, backpacks, satchels, shoulder bags, wallets, and more. DKNY bags are so popular that fakes and imitations have been circulating around the market. To ensure you're getting the authentic item, only buy DKNY bags from credible stores and DKNY outlets in Malaysia.

DKNY Accessories

From perfumes, lotions, watches, and sunglasses, DKNY accessories are definitely among the best from the brand. If you are on a tight budget yet want a premium item in your closet, then DKNY accessories would be the best way to go, especially their perfumes. DKNY is known as a clothing brand but their perfumes are one of their best products. The DKNY Be Delicious Eau Du Perfum is definitely a must-have scent!

Fun Fact: Weiss, Donna Karan’s second husband was the bottle designer for her first signature fragrance, Donna Karan, which had a mixed scent of leather cashmere and suede and reminded her of the back of her husband’s neck.

DKNY Intimates

Look and feel sexy with DKNY's all-new line of lingerie and intimates for women. DKNY intimates boast a range of bras, panties, hosieries, and sleepwear that are both fun and comfortable. The line has a great array of intimates from lacy to solid pieces that provide support and would help improve your silhouette.

Fun fact: Karan, from the very beginning, used her own closet as a testing ground and inspiration for her designs. Her husband, Stephan Weiss was her source of suggestion for her collection of menswear designs.

DKNY for Men

DKNY is a women's clothing brand but it doesn't mean they don't have a line for men. DKNY for men specializes in clothing such as T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and dress shirts that you can fully integrate into your wardrobe.

If you're looking for a premium brand with a wide selection of products, then DKNY would be for you. Inspired by the streets of New York, DKNY is an Americana classic that everyone should incorporate into their wardrobe. Check out the brand's best products at iPrice now!