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DJI Price in Malaysia for October, 2018

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DJI Malaysia offers quality drone cameras that allow you to capture picturesque footages and images with ease. If you want to step up your photography game, to follow the tips below or check out the latest DJI Malaysia products!

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DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal
RM 529.00 RM 588.00

Brand : DJI Model : Osmo Mobile 2 The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is a hand-held smartphone/mobile gimbal system featuring 3-axis stabilisation for producing smooth, professional grade, stabilised videos and sharp images. 3-axis stabilisation for smooth videos With the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 you never have to worry about shaky videos ever again. The 3-axis gimbal system stabilises your cellphone along with its camera on three axes to smooth out shakes, wobbles, bobs, and any other unwanted movements so you can walk, jog, ride, skate, cycle, ski and still get sleek professional grade stabilised videos. Compatible with front and rear cameras The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 can record on either the front or rear camera of your phone; to switch simply press the trigger three times to switch between the front and rear cameras. Sharp images even in low light The 3-axis gimbal of the second generation Osmo Mobile also greatly helps when shooting long exposures or low light pictures. The 3 axis gimbal works so good that you can even capture light trail images handhelp. On-handle physical zoom control slider The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 features a new built-in physical zoom slider on the handle to enable users to operate smartphone camera zoom without touching, and spoiling the video, for more fluid, cinematic zoom. Users can even easily produce dollyzoom for a professional visual effect. Activetrack keeps your smartphone's camera facing you as you move With DJI's Activetrack you don't need your own video crew, simply select yourself (or any other subject) before recording and the Osmo Mobile 2 will keep you in frame by moving the smartphone as you move. 15 Hour battery life Now with a much improved 15 hour battery life (up from 4.5 hours), the Osmo Mobile Two's battery will last a whole day of use on only a single charge. Users can also can also charge their smartphones while recording for hours of uninterrupted use. Futureproof and compatible with hundreds of phones Technology is always advancing, video recording resolutions went from HD to Full HD, and from Full HD to 4K; smartphones are always evolving and some feature astonishing video capabilities. The Osmo Mobile Two futureproofs itself by working with almost any Android or Apple smartphone with a width between 58.6-84.8mm, which are most phones between 4 and 6 inches. Timelapse, motionlapse, and hyperlapse videos Don't just do a normal timelapse; select a starting point, select additional points, and then set your interval and duration timers to create a moving time-lapse video. Timelapse is suitable for recording the passing of time at a fixed scene by mounting the Osmo Mobile 2 on a tripod or base. Motionlapse allows users to record a moving timelapse video by setting up to five camera points. Hyperlapse allows users to record everything passing by as they hold the gimbal in hand and walk.

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DJI Mavic Air Standard
RM 2,899.00

READY STOCK ➡️ 1 Year DJI Warranty ⬅️ Color Option: Flame Red, Arctic White, Onyx Black** Subjected to stock availability Description: Capture all your adventures in stunning detail with the Mavic Air Fly More Combo from DJI. This foldable, pocket-portable drone was designed with travelers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. It features a 3-axis gimbal-stabilized camera with a 1.2/3 CMOS sensor that shoots 12MP stills and is capable of capturing 4K video at 30 fps that it can transfer at speeds up to 100 Mb/s or store on its 8GB of internal storage. In terms of performance, the Mavic Air offers multiple flight modes, can reach a top speed of up to 43 mph, and offers a max flight time of up to 21 minutes. For safety and security, the Mavic Air uses an advanced flight control system that draws on several sophisticated technologies, including Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) and Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS), to locate itself in 3D space, detect objects, and avoid collisions. The Mavic Air works in tandem with DJI's GO 4 mobile app for accessing settings, getting a telemetry readout, viewing a low-latency video feed, as well as more advanced features, such as accessing QuickShots, ActiveTrack, and more. In addition to traditional joystick style controls, you can fly the Mavic with simple tap-based commands or using specific hand gestures. Product Highlight: Capture 4K Video and 12MP Photos 3-Axis Gimbal-Stabilized Camera GPS- & Vision Position-Based Navigation 8GB of Internal Storage FlightAutonomy with Obstacle Detection Top Speed of 43 mph in Sport Mode ActiveTrack Subject Tracking Modes Up to 21 Minutes of Flight Time Foldable, Portable Body What's in the box: 1 x DJI Mavic Air 1 x Remote Controller 1 xIntelligent Flight Battery 1x Charger 1 x Power Cable 3 x Pairs of Props 1 x Set of Prop Guards 1 x RC Cable (Lightning) 1 x RC Cable (Micro-USB) 1 x RC Cable (USB Type-C) 1xGimbal Protector 1 x Communication Cable 1 x USB Adapter 1 xRC Cable Slider (Large) 2 x RC Cable Slider (Small) 1 x Carrying Case

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How to Achieve Better Drone Photography with DJI Malaysia

In order to bring your drone photography game to the next level, it’s important that you learn new techniques which are applicable to both veterans and neophytes. Here are drone photography tips that will give you an extra edge in this craft.

Use RAW format

Every professional photographer knows this: the best way to capture images is in the RAW format. This is because you can later improve the exposure and change the colors with more control. With a JPEG format, it would be tough to compress your drone photos, especially if your drone camera only has less than 12 MB resolution. Even if you only want to just capture photos for fun, you might shoot a great drone photo and decide to print it big. However, when you see the results later, you could become upset that you don’t get a lot of post-processing options that are available on photography software like Adobe Photoshop.

Apply bracketing techniques

In case you didn’t know, bracketing means taking two or more images of the same subject while using various camera options. Bracketing serves two purposes – first, if you made a mistake in choosing the right setting, say, incorrect exposure, then you still have other great images to choose from. Second, it is used to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. If most of your shots are bracketed, then it will allow you to enhance their shadows or highlight them later instead of having only one photo to enhance.

Find your drone buddies

If you are new to drone photography, it’s best to find your drone community who will help you raise your skills. It’s important that you learn and work with others so you can apply new techniques to your shots. One way to find a drone community is by searching for groups online. In fact, there are Facebook groups that are dedicated to drone photography. Each group is different so there’s no “best” one to join. Just join the groups you can find and meet with different personalities, and hopefully, you can jive with their interests. Regardless what medium you use – be it Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube, you’ll definitely discover your niche as long as you put yourself out there.

Know how to extract the best footage

DJI drone cameras are durable and designed for the outdoors. They are the camera of choice for many drone photographers since they come with many programs that allow you to change the colors for added effect. When applying color correction, make sure you know how to white balance the image if it appears a little warmer. Then enhance the brightness of mid-tones and shadows. Finally, add some contrast and saturation to improve the look of your image.

Fix Lens Distortion

Keep in mind that the camera lenses of DJI drones have a curvature that affects the quality of your shots. This is what drone photographers call “fisheye perspective”. To remedy this, you can use the “lens distortion effect” in Adobe Premiere. Only use this effect once you are finished with your color correction or editing, or else it will slow down your edit through additional rendering times with every alteration you make on the footage. Once you apply the lens distortion effect, it will get rid of the pesky fish eye and amateur look to your drone footage.

Place drone batteries inside a heavily insulated backpack

This is to ensure to prevent cold from draining the batteries. To preserve even more battery life, wrap the batteries in wool and surround them with hand-warmers and warm water bottles. This is an effective procedure to not run out of batteries when shooting images or taking a footage in Arctic conditions.

Consider Lighting

When filming using drone cameras, one of the most important aspects to consider is lighting. Well, this could be pretty obvious but it’s often disregarded by many drone photographers. The time you fly your drone during a certain day plays a significant role in the outcome of your footage or images, affecting the temperature and light quality. It’s not ideal to fly your drone during severe lighting conditions at noon since it doesn’t provide the best results. But you can do so by considering the direction of the sun. Make sure the drone moves away from where the sun is so your camera will not overcompensate for the exposure which can end up with washed out images.

Avoid Prop Shadow

Aside from lighting, you also need to watch out for the prop shadow that you may experience when the sun is high. While the sun casts a shadow on the lens of your camera with your drone’s propellers spinning at the same time, this creates an undesirable effect in your images and footages, making them unusable. So, avoid flying your drone into the sun as much as possible and plan your footages accordingly.