Always on the top of the list of luxury brands, no one can claim they understand fashion without any knowledge of the legendary designer - Christian Dior. The extraordinary Fashion House known as just Dior is a combination of luxurious and chic. France would not be known as the fashion capital today without the eponymous designer Christian Dior. Enter the world of glamour and scroll below to read more about Dior Malaysia.


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Why You Should Choose Dior Malaysia

After the revolutionary infusion of Coco Chanel’s exquisiteness, the French fashion industry again was shaken up by another talented designer – Christian Dior. His iconic hourglass silhouette of a full bust, calf-length skirt cinched in at the waist with a sloping-shoulders top brought in the whole New Look for women at that time and forever since changed the fashion industry all over. Steeped in a rich and elaborate history, the Dior couture house was established in 1946, at 30, Avenue Montaigne, Paris. Over the years, the Dior brand grew to include fragrances, makeup, and nail lacquers, an apparel line for babies plus accessories and watches. This is in addition to its haute couture designs and ready to wear apparel. Known for its unmistakable creations and a flair for the dramatic, Dior remains as one of the most sought-after brands among the fashion crowd all over the world. Christian Dior’s New Look collection (1947) is one of the greatest creation in haute couture. The signature bar suite made a huge trend among celebrities and the upper class through its sophisticated and feminist look. The New Look was soon introduced across Europe and Paris, its hometown, became the fashion capital of the World.

From finely designed outfits to enticing fragrances

Not only a fashion kingdom, France is also known as a garden full of seductive fragrances and Christian Dior himself was one of the greatest contributors to Paris’ secrets of coming up with a perfect scent. The glorious history of Dior Fashion House bloomed when he introduced to the world his first perfume – Miss Dior. This elegant and luxurious bottle of women colognes was ever since the most sought-after perfume line by women from everywhere in the world. It is the symbol of love, a love so strong that it can even be smelt and instantly captures the heart of the beholder. The name Miss Dior was inspired by the heroism of his dearest sister, Catherine Dior on the very day that he launched the perfume. She served as a member of the French Resistance against the Nazi occupation during World War Two. The fragrance represented the Parisian haute couture and the elegant, sophisticating look of Christian Dior’s dresses and the first design of the bottle was an ensemble of one. Miss Dior emphasizes on the feminine aspect, curviness and a timeless beauty with the combination of Egyptian jasmine, Patchouli, and tuberose for a seductive yet very sweet scent. Miss Dior is possibly the woman that every man has ever desired throughout the centuries. From Mademoiselle Catherine Dior to today Dior’s beauty queen Natalie Portman, the house of Dior is surely the fairyland for men to sojourn to.

The most prominent Dior products

Dubbed as the ultimate symbol of “elegance and excellence”, the Dior label has continued to redefine modernism and timeless elegance right into the 21st century. Some of their noteworthy inventions and designs over the years include the Bar suit, Lady Dior bag, Dior Bubble Dress, Dior Zemire, the Dior VIII watch, and the Bois de Rose jewellery. Other than fashion items, there are several Dior skincare products that have also taken the spotlight. Introduced in 1986, the Dior capture total was the first and one of the most successful steps the brand has taken in the fashion industry. Following this line, the products that followed were just impressive. Another iconic beauty product is the Dior Rouge Lipstick, which was first presented in 1953. It furthered formed a vital part of Dior makeup products. During that era, red was worn as a sign of social status and vitality. Thus, Dior created a revolution in red which symbolizes female empowerment and the art of seduction. No matter what you are looking for, just a touch of the classical Dior’s fashion items or fragrances can infuse the luxurious essence and transform you into a Dior woman.

Art inspired collections

Since the inauguration of the House of Dior in 1947, there was a crowd of artists and collectors who knew Christian Dior as the man who ran art galleries before opening his fashion house. Many of his works paid tribute to artists who were established as well as up-and-coming. Their works used to be exhibited in Dior’s galleries. Due to his close relationship with the art world, it marked the history of the House of Dior.