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Take risks and be edgy with Diesel Malaysia

Diesel is an Italian clothing company based in Breganze, Italy. It was founded by Renzo Rosso in the late 70s and have grown to be one of the most well-known retail clothing company around the world. If you want to be hip, cool and stylish, you have to have at least a pair of jeans, and a shirt from Diesel in your closet.

Renzo Rosso’s story - Diesel Malaysia

Since he was fifteen, Renzo Rosso has been designing and sewing his own jeans using his mother’s old sewing machine. Back in the day, bell-bottomed trousers were the hippest trend and Renzo would make one to wear for himself and some of his friends for five lira or less than $2 a piece. Because of his love for design, sewing and creativity, Renzo attended the industrial textile manufacturing college in Padua and by 1976, he was working for another famous Italian fashion designer, Adriano Goldschmied under Moltex.

After two years, Renzo loaned money from his father and bought 40% of the company which was later renamed to Diesel. By 1985, Renzo acquired Adriano’s share and rights to Diesel for USD$500,000, becoming the sole proprietor of the company. Today, the 57-year-old designer is now the president of the OTB (Only the Brave) Group which controls all sales, manufacturing and distribution of brands such as Diesel, Maison Margiela, Marni and Victor & Rolf. By 2012, Rosso was listed in Forbes Magazine’s list of billionaires for the first time.

All about Diesel

Renzo Rosso’s acquisition of Diesel proved beneficial to the brand. The designer’s love for making jeans greatly reflected on his work and heavily marketed his comfortable and edgy designs with great results. From the late 80’s to the 90s, the brand received nothing but good PR and increasing revenues every year, opening international flagship stores in the United States, Europe and Asia. From a simple dream to a well-earned reality, Diesel thrives to set the bars for ready-to-wear clothes with a passion for change, producing 3,000 new products per season in 80 different countries.

Diesel Malaysia Jeans Collection

With a penchant for creativity, Diesel Malaysia continues to inspire shoppers and designers to think outside the box and to never be afraid to show your personality through the clothes you wear. Show your true self with Diesel’s finest jean collections, available in the market for men, women and kids! Here are cutting-edge jean designs that all fashion aficionados must have in their closet:

Diesel Men

Diesel Zathan - Slim bootcut style jeans made with 98% cotton and 2% elastane and comes with a variety of different washes. It gives a classy, streetwear look, especially when paired with chucks.

Diesel Thanaz - A favorite from Zac Efron, Diesel Thanaz are straight cut pants and are slimmer compared to Zathan. It is comfortable, stylish and edgy, staying true to the brand.

Diesel Women

The Matic - This low-rise, skinny jeans, are an absolute fashion favorite. It comes in with a variety of washes and looks absolutely stunning on heels. Kiera Knightly and Ashley Tisdale are some of the many icons who just can’t get enough of Diesel jeans.

The Lowky - Another influential design from Diesel, Lowky jeans are characterized by a straight leg cut with a lower rise. It is a style popular with celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Nikki Reed and Ella McPherson.

The Liv - Like the rest of the design, the Liv is also a low rise design but straighter, leg cut. It has that slimming effect to the legs, making it longer and sexier, whether on flats or in feels. Commonly worn by Jessica Alba on the streets of Hollywood.

Diesel Malaysia is so big in jeans that they made a couple of collaborations, including one with adidas in 2008. For two years, Diesel designer Stefano Rosso and the sportswear giant produced limited edition collection which mixed the street style of Diesel and sporty look of adidas.

Another collaboration was done with ISKO fabrics, for the one-of-a-kind jogg jeans. They are stylish, flexible and offers the utmost comfort for the wearer because of ISKO’s patented fabric technology which keeps their jeans a perfect fit, all day everyday. It is described to be ‘One small step for Diesel, one giant leap for denim-kind’. Diesel is mostly well-known for its comfortable and stylish jeans and pioneered a few designs and cuts that influenced many designers around the world. There is no jeans better than Diesel Jeans.

Diesel watches and fragrances

These string of collaborations also made Diesel watches and fragrances available for shoppers. Diesel’s partnership with L’Oreal gave birth to the fragrance collection Fuel for Life for both men and women. Fuel for Life also has a limited edition release called “Bling”, decorated with gilded chains and stored in a sleek black box. Aside from that, Diesel also makes state-of-the-art watches which makes for excellent time pieces that would fit your edgy look. Browse for the hottest Diesel Malaysia products online. Diesel perfumes, clothing and watches are now available in the Malaysia!