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Adventures are what keep our lives purposeful. There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than a trip to explore the world no matter how far you go. So get ready for more exciting journeys with the most trusted travellers' companion – Deuter Backpacks! Click here to read more about the Deuter brand and its collections.

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Embark on the next adventure with Deuter Malaysia

If you are a frequent traveller, you must have heard about Deuter or already owned a Deuter backpack. With numerous collections that are designed for many types of users, Deuter is certainly one of those brands that you can instantly spot anywhere in the world; from a random street, in a shopping mall, on the train to work and all the way to the mountainous areas and secluded beaches. The innovation that Deuter applied in their manufacturing approach makes their products stand out from the market, especially favourable by backpackers.

When it comes to choosing the best backpack for your trip, there are many aspects to be considered if you want to have an enjoyable journey. Before getting to know more about Deuter, let’s check out a few tips on how to pick the right bag for your needs.

Tips to choose the best Deuter backpack

If you are looking to invest in a Deuter backpack, remember to consider the following aspects to better select the perfect one.

The size

We believe that anyone of you will be able to relate to this: the moment when you set your weary shoulders free from the ludicrously heavy bag is pleasantly relieved, especially after hours being on the road. So size does matter! More importantly, you have to make sure the size of the bag is suitable for a certain length of days you are going to travel. If you haven’t planned to return home yet, then a big size might just be perfect.

Here are some recommendations for an appropriate size depending on your travel duration:

    • Short or day trips (weekend trips): 30 – 50L capacity
    • 2-week trips: 40 – 60L capacity
    • A month long trips: 50 – 70L capacity
    • Longer period: 65L capacity and above

Furthermore, you have to decide which items to pack as well before choosing the size to go with. Keep in mind that you may need some extra space for a spontaneous shopping spree.

The special feature

Who doesn’t want a backpack that has rolling function? Those tiny wheels can be your life saviour some time when your body cannot take the weight of your bag any longer. Consider this type of bag if you need a more reliable support for a long haul. However, you will have to sacrifice a considerable amount of space in your bag as well as embrace the added weight.

Check out the Deuter Helion 80 if you wish to get a convertible backpack. It has high performance with effortless manoeuvring and durable under any condition.

The suitable measurements

A normal daily use backpack may have just one standard size but for travellers, even 1 cm adjustment can make a huge difference. Hence, a travel backpack from Deuter always comes in a variety of length, width, straps, frame and curved waist belts.

Deuter offers numerous sizes of backpacks to ensure everyone can find their perfect fit, from a regular day pack to a specialized women’s slim fit backpack and extra-long edition for people of 1.85m – 2.00m tall.

Some of the popular options for backpackers according to size are as follow:

    • Extra-long
      • Futura Pro 44 EL
      • Guide 42 + EL
    • SL Women Fit
      • ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL
      • Futura Vario 45 + 10 SL
    • Lightweight
      • ACT Trail Pro 32 SL
      • Traveller 60 + 10 SL
      • Pace 30

Deuter’s innovative back systems

The most remarkable Deuter’s value is its innovative design for a specific travelling need. They make carrying a backpack effortless than ever before! You can select the suitable system for Trekking, Family travel, Biking, Hiking, Day packing as well as Schooling.

The main categories are:

  1. Aircomfort and Aircomfort Pro: Provide maximum comfort with the sweat reduction feature. You can consider this type if you are planning for a trip to a tropical region.
  2. Aircontact and Aircontact Pro: The system features the ability to centralize the bag’s weight to keep it balance. Furthermore, it also helps to cool down your back by emitting warm air for cool wind to flow in.

No matter which type of traveller are you or you just need a simple every day backpack, you will surely find your perfect match from Deuter.