Scale the highest mountains, the deepest jungle or explore the unexplored terrains with the trusted German backpack brand, Deuter. Founded in 1898, Deuter is the first German backpack, suits and bags brand that develops the first system of back ventilation to give the wearer maximum comfort, stability and a perfect back fit.

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How Deuter began and how it thrive

About 70 kilometers northwest of Munich, just outside the gates of the over 2000-year old city of Augsburg, is a town of 20,000 inhabitants and the home of Deuter, a leading German backpack, suitcases and bags manufacturer. Founded by Hans Deuter in 1898, the Deuter AG Company is one of the oldest backpack manufacturers in the world. This family business has been operating in the Augsburg area for 110 years.

The company first started producing bags for the Bavarian Postal Service and backpacks for the military. Soon, demands from the military start to increase and Hans Deuter began manufacturing suitcases, backpacks, knapsacks and store tents. Hans Deuter named the company "Hans Deuter" in 1919 and in that same year, luggage and leather goods were added into the existing line of products.

One of the first backpacks by Deuter were introduced in the thirties, called the Deuter Town backpacks. The backpacks featured the first system of back ventilation called Deuter's "Air Comfort". Its patented air comfort system was a completely new innovation and it soon became the most popular support system in the world. Ever since then, Deuter has collaborated with alpine sports professional to test its backpacks under extreme conditions, setting its sight on constant improvement in 1938.

Today, years of experience and constant development have made Deuter a market leader in Germany. Focusing on the vital issues, an extended history of culture and the shared experiences of a group of professional athletes are the primary factors that made Deuter a leading backpack brand today.

Deuter's secret formula to success

The close cooperation with professional athletes in practice and development is what made Deuter a successful backpack manufacturer today. Deuter often invites mountain bikers, climbers and mountain athletes collaborate on new products for men and women. A very good example is the SL series, which it is made especially for women. This idea came about when women climbers, hikers and athletes have to use backpacks that is meant for men.

Most often, the backpacks are designed for men's bodies and women often have difficulty finding backpacks that fit them perfectly. Thus, a series of specially designed backpacks for women were created called the SL model series.

The SL models were such a huge hit because of the narrow shoulder straps and precisely fitting waistband. The introduction of this series has become a worldwide success and is constantly being expanded and improved. Currently, there are SL models for every area of use, from hiking, to biking and from climbing to tracking.

The innovative support system

The year 1984 marks the milestone for Deuter and the beginning of its market dominance. Its patented air comfort system was a completely new innovation and it soon became the most popular support system in the world. Deuter's Aircomfort system works by using the flexible spring steel frame.

Secured to the frame has a special mesh that forms a ventilation space between the wearer's back and the backpack, allowing moist air to escape from three sides. This guarantees more performance with optimal comfort as the pads were made with a special hollow chamber foam covered with breathable mesh.

With every movement, these two materials work together in a perfect conjunction to create a virtual air pump. The added circulation translates into fifteen percent less sweating than with a standard backpack system, which made Deuter the first brand that produces backpacks that reduced sweat.

Deuter's wide array of products and accessories

The main products Deuter manufacture are backpacks for climbers, hikers and trekkers, snowboarders and skiers as well as sleeping bags for adults and kids. Deuter also provides accessories such as first-aid kits, bike accessories, sacks & packs, shoulder straps, hip belts and many more. Other products offered by Deuter are pencil cases, pouches for kids, school bags for kids, laptop/tablet bags and cases, travel bags, and business bags.

Fun facts about Deuter AG, a leading German backpack.

  • Deuter AG has provided beer tents for the October fest since 1920 and still does so today.

  • Deuter regards repair as part of the service and not warranty obligation, which reduces customer complaints and provides excellent customer service.

  • Deuter supplies the German Olympic team with sports and travel bags in 1972.

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