Specializing in streetwear, Deus Ex Machina Malaysia brings you a great array of clothing from tees, shorts, pants, jeans, hoodies, sweatshirts, and so much more! Grab the hottest Deus Ex Machina clothing or read more about the brand below.

Deus Ex Machina Hoodies and Sweatshirts
Deus Ex Machina Tops

Deus Ex Machina Clothing - the Perfect Brand for the Outdoor Junki

Stemming from the motorcycle scene in Australia, Deus Ex Machina was first established in 2006 for creating customized bikes. Though the brand is still known for their creations, Deus Ex Machina has also released their own clothing line that caters to the rider's adventurous spirit. The brand takes inspiration from rugged, edgy, and military-style looks that best embodies streetwear. Perfect for outdoor explorers, adrenaline-junkies, and adventurers, Deus Ex Machina continues to inspire individual style and authenticity.

Deus Ex Machina Clothing

Like their customized bikes, each article of clothing from Deus Ex Machina Malaysia is made with fine artistry and functionality. Deus Ex Machina's clothing line keeps up with your creativity and never-ending thirst to explore and experience. If you want to cater to your adventurous spirit, choose Deus Ex clothing.


Perhaps the most popular line of clothing from the brand, Deus Ex Machina tees feature a great array of graphic designs ranging from a simple logo at the right breast to a full on graphic. The Aloha Tee, Paradise Tee, and Venice Tee are great choices from the brand.


Perfect for a cruise during colder weather, Deus Ex Machina sweaters provide the perfect fit for that snug and comfortable feel. The brand also has a selection of hoodies if you are feeling extra on your outfit. Among the best options from the brand are the Deus Ex Machina Sunbleached Crew-Neck Sweater and Deus Ex Canggu Address Crew-Neck Sweater.


If there's anything that defines Deus Ex Machina streetwear it's the pants. This article of clothing serves as a backdrop for your outfit like a canvas of an oil painting. You can choose from several collections from the brand such as Albero, Alma, Chinos, Denim, Knox, and Lander.


Whether at the beach, hanging out with friends, or discovering new sports, shorts are the perfect garment for a casual day out. Like the brand's pants collection, you can also choose between Alma and Ford shorts.


A staple in the biker scene, a jacket is an essential garment for a rider. Not only does it provide a cool and edgy look, it also protects you from the cold weather and elements when you ride. Deus Ex Machina has an excellent selection of jackets that you would surely love such as the Deus Ex Machina Devonport Wax Jacket, Deus Addict Asymmetry Jacket, and the Deus Ex Ronald Denim Jacket.


Aside from their array of clothing inspired by the modern biker, Deus Ex Machina also has an array of wetsuits to cater to Australia's surf scene. Called Deus Rubber, the entire collection is dedicated to providing top quality wetsuits for surfers and watersports enthusiasts.

While Deus Ex Machina is mostly focused on men's clothing, they also have a women's collection worth checking out. Browse for the biggest brands and the hottest items at iPrice!