A samurai is incomplete without their sword just like how every chef is incomplete without their cookware. For amateur cooks as well as home cooks, having the right cookware for your kitchen is essential. Dessini Malaysia offers high-quality pot and pan that will make cooking and baking a breeze. Read more about Dessini Malaysia in the article below.


Dessini Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dessini?

Dessini is a Chinese kitchen-ware company that provides cutleries, cookware set, and more. Cookware from Dessini is made with Italian design to ensure the products are safe to use and have a long shelf-life. Most Dessini products utilise a die-cast aluminium body that can evenly and efficiently distribute the heat across the surface of the pot or pan.

Is Dessini cookware safe?

Dessini Italy pot and pan are made in Italy. They’re designed with safety as the priority. Cookware products from Dessini have a nonstick coating that is PFOA-free. You can use Dessini kitchen-ware in extremely high heat up to 600-degrees Celsius. If it passes that threshold, the coating might melt away, and your cookware might not be as safe to use.

How much is the Dessini price in Malaysia?

Compared to western ceramic cookware brands like Le Creuset or Staub, the price for Dessini cookware is relatively more affordable. Considering the quality that is up to par to these bigger kitchen-ware brands, Dessini products are worth every penny. A Dessini cookware set that includes pots and non-stick deep fry pan can range from RM55 to RM185.

Where can I find Dessini products in Malaysia?

You can purchase Dessini cutlery and cookware from various merchants online. This includes Lazada, Shopee, Lelong, Ubuy, Ivea Online, and of course, iPrice. Be critical when purchasing your Dessini cookware set and inspect the item for originality. You can do so by requesting a warranty or certificate from the seller or paying attention to the product’s price point. If the price is too low, chances are it is not an original Dessini.