No toothbrushing regimen is complete without an effective and safe toothpaste. Luckily, you can find a wide range of toothpaste in Malaysia, both in-store and online. Find out more about toothpaste in Malaysia in the article below.


The Perfect Smile Starts with Toothpaste Malaysia

The quest for the perfect smile starts with clean, white teeth. A polished finished to sparkling white teeth makes the ultimate grin. Thankfully, we have the blessing of toothpaste to keep our teeth clean and shiny. You don’t need to be a dentist to have clean white teeth. Simply practise regular oral hygiene habits like brushing your teeth, flossing, and staying away from excessive sweets and junk food. With toothpaste Malaysia, you can find what you need to get your dental hygiene up to standard. Whether you’re an eligible bachelor looking to woo a potential date, or a mother of three looking to give your kids the best in dental care, you’ll find what you need with toothpaste Malaysia.

The search for the right toothpaste

As diverse as the people of the world are, so much so is the assorted types of toothpaste available today. Hence, the search for the right toothpaste is not easy. Don’t worry, you’ll find all your toothpaste needs right here. From choosing the right taste, texture and size to finding a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you’ll find everything you need. Now everyone can find the right toothpaste for them.

Not only toothpaste, but hundreds of accessories for dental care are now available online.

Toothpaste for men

Men never neglect good oral hygiene. Good teeth are a turn on for any woman, not to mention fresh breath. With minty fresh breath throughout the day, you’ll be confident enough to get close to people. Close business deals with confidence after brushing off the excess from lunch. Find the perfect toothpaste for men right here on iPrice.

Toothpaste for women

Ladies, your smile can light up anyone’s day. Beautiful teeth are one of the characteristics men look for in a potential partner. Right here is where you'll find all the toothpaste needs you can think of. Just start by browsing the products listed. Check out the brands like Colgate, Crest, Marvis and many more to give you that perfect smile at toothpaste for women.

Toothpaste for kids

It’s always tough to get kids into the habit of brushing teeth. Kids have to be coerced and even bribed into oral hygiene habits. With toothpaste Malaysia, you can let your kids eat all the foods they love with the condition that they brush their teeth. The beauty of toothpaste for kids is that they come in all flavours, colours and feels. Since kids might be sensitive to the mint tastes found in toothpaste, some milder flavours like strawberry and other fruits might be more suitable. Here are some brands you might look at when shopping for your child’s toothpaste:

  • Jack n’ Jill
  • Bud’s Children’s Toothpaste
  • Little Bus Toyo Kids Toothpaste
  • Mu’min Junior Toothpaste

You can even get customizable accessories like multi-coloured toothpaste squeezers and toothbrush holders to enhance your child’s tooth-brushing experience and cultivate this priceless habit.

What are the best brands of toothpaste in Malaysia?

Some of the best toothpaste Malaysia are:

  • Darlie Toothpaste - Double Action
  • Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection
  • Sensodyne Gum Care
  • Kodomo Children’s Toothpaste in various flavours
  • Himalaya Complete Care Gum Expert
  • Parodontax Fluoride Toothpaste
  • Systema Toothpaste Extra Gum Protection

What are the ingredients in a Darlie toothpaste?

Darlie is one of the most popular toothpaste brands in Malaysia. The product has a distinct minty flavour and it is effective in protecting the gums and enamel. The ingredients in a Darlie toothpaste are:

Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Water, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Flavour (Contains Spearmint Essence & Peppermint Essence), Carrageenan, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Monofluorophosphate, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Sodium Saccharin.

How much is toothpaste in Malaysia?

Top Toothpaste in Malaysia



Amway Glister Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste



DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste



Atomy Propolis Toothpaste



Atomy Propolis Toothpaste 5x50G



DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste



CNI Winz Fluoride Toothpaste



DXN Ganozhi Toothpaste



DXN Ganozhi Plus Toothpaste (150G) (2 Tubes)



Atomy Toothpaste 200G



Himalaya Complete Care Toothpaste