Denso is a name synonymous with automotive performance. But did you know that Denso has created revolutionary technology in terms of efficiency and performance enhancing? Recommended by influential people in the car industry in Malaysia, Denso is a name you want to look into. Find out more about Denso here.


Denso car accessories in Malaysia

Denso product components and automobile accessories may be small, but sure merits a great deal of attention thanks to its outstanding contributions green technology. Reducing emissions from gas purification technology, and spark plugs that reduce gradations that generate toxic emissions, Denso is known all over the world. It is also one of the reasons why Japanese automobile brands and American car have always been the major customers of Denso. Even in Malaysia, Denso is a top brand recommended by car enthusiasts and foremen. Find out more about Denso in Malaysia with the links below.

A history of excellence – Denso

Denso, the Japanese spark plug brand was founded in 1949. As a leading supplier of technology, and automobile accessories for major brands such as Lexus society, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Daihatsu, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Denso has made history with amazing innovations. In Malaysia, Denso spark plugs reinforced with specialized lines for high-end cars are the genuine preference of automotive service centres to bring the best for their clients.

If you own a car with a gasoline engine, diesel, or hybrid, under Toyota or Lexus, you can easily find components with the DENSO logo. From safety control systems such as airbags to air conditioning, heating equipment and spark plugs for your vehicle, Denso’s variety of automobile accessories and spare parts will not let you down. Denso is further characterized by its components that give priority to the main vehicle being used such as the family car. We see this in longer warranties and lower prices in Denso products.

Revolutionary Denso spark plug technology

Denso has patented revolutionary technology when it comes to spark plugs. Most commonly sought after, the Denso Spark Plugs TT line, such as the Denso Spark Plugs K16TT is retrofitted with Twin-Tip technology. Seemingly small innovations have boosted efficiency and fuel economy with by focusing energy into the engine and making it work exponentially faster. Diesel engines also benefit tremendously from this technology even under high pressure and intense heat.

One of the technologies Denso is proud of is the nickel spark plug. Created for durability the similarly advanced platinum spark plugs lines and Denso iridium spark plugs. With advances in the study of new materials, Denso’s Bigu line-up and other accessories designed plugs with 40% less nickel, improving fuel efficiency by 1.2%, and 0.8% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to help ignite fuel better.

Top car brands love Denso

Along with its innovative technology and design that not only saves fuel but also increases your car’s value in the long run, Denso maintains quality and durability. Safety is also of the utmost concern when dealing with car parts. It is no wonder then that Denso becomes a favourite in the Malaysian car automotive scene. Both for everyday use and performance, Denso is recommended by those who know their cars. Both for Japanese cars, local cars or continental cars, Denso fits well into the overall make up of the engine to enhance performance.

More so in Malaysia, Japanese cars such as Honda Accord line, Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda Civic Grand extremely popular in Malaysia and its surrounding regions. Toyota also takes a liking to Denso spare parts. Continental cars such as Peugeot and Mercedes take pride in using Denso products also. Here are some examples of parts from Denso:

  • Denso Air Cond Compressor Mercedes-Benz S-Class S300
  • Denso Air Cond Compressor Peugeot 408 Turbo
  • Denso Aircond Compressor Clutch
  • Denso Radiator Fan Motor Perodua Myvi/Viva
  • Denso Air Cond Compressor Toyota
  • Denso Wiper Blade Premium Graphite
  • Denso IT20 Iridium Power Spark Plug
  • Denso Air Cond Blower Fan Motor Toyota Wish

Get Denso online in Malaysia

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