Delta Malaysia is a popular brand of footwear, specializing in tactical boots. If you need some tips to keep your boots in good condition, here is a guide to get you started. You can also check out the latest Delta tactical boots in Malaysia below.

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Tips on How to Keep Your Tactical Boots in Mint Condition with Delta Malaysia

Having the right pair of tactical boots can make a lot of difference when you're out in the field. Since they are protective and comfortable, they are valuable investments you can get for your safety and outdoor performance. That's why keeping them in mint condition should be a top priority.

With only a little routine care and maintenance, you can keep your tactical boots' appearance, feel, and performance for the years to come. Here are tips to get the same performance out of your tactical boots that your commanding officer expects out of you.

Give yourself time to break in a new pair of boots

Start wearing your new pair of tactical boots after you bought one. Do not wait for the time before your deployment or until after your old pair is in tatters before you begin wearing them. Make sure the pair you bought has an ample toe room (approx. 12.5mm between your toes and the front) and a well-made heel to avoid getting blisters. Then, apply oil or any waterproofing material before you use them out in the field to improve their durability. After that, start out using them for a short amount of time before you have to go through to an all-day mission.

Keep them clean and dry

Keep in mind that the best tactical boots can't withstand wet environments and hot temperatures over time. If you are in an active job moving around all day, you can sweat as much as up to 200 ml of perspiration every day through your feet, so it's best to allow your boots an ample amount of time to dry out between uses to prevent bacterial build-up.

Pro Tip: If your tactical boots get soaking wet, stuff any absorbent materials like newspapers in them overnight. These will absorb moisture while you sleep, leaving you with dry, comfortable tactical boots for the next day's assignment.

Consider a backup

Your boots tend to get dirty every day, which means they should be cleaned and dried between uses. That's why it's better to get two pairs of boots than one, especially if anything happens to your finest pair. If you are hesitant to get another pair of tactical boots because it’s expensive, then there are brands like Delta Malaysia that offer boots that are not only affordable but also high-quality. They have many discounted pairs of boots that are army authorized. Buy two pairs of boots you like now to save you from having to start all over again when you are looking for a new pair of shoes.

All in all, never misjudge the power of great tactical boots. Let yourself have the power and protection you need from the ground up by keeping your boots in good condition, providing the same attention you'd give to any other piece of tactical equipment. Aside from tactical footwear, you may also check out Delta Malaysia's tools and kitchen and dining equipment.