Enrich your travel experience with the cool, funky and stylish DELSEY luggage and travel accessory ranges. Founded in 1946 in France, DELSEY was the first luggage brand to manufacture luggage bags with innovative design. So, if you are looking for a street style luggage bag that allows you to stand out from the crowd, look no further than DELSEY.


DELSEY, the iconic luggage brand

From its roots in the French capital, DELSEY, a French luggage manufacturer, is famous for its reliability and innovative design. The story of DELSEY begins when the manufacturer of leather camera cases and camera equipment, Emille Delhaye, joined forces with the Seynhaeye brothers to manufacture luggage, traveling case and suitcases in 1946. Both parties realized, that the people in Paris, and all around the world were constantly on the move, going places and reconnecting with one another. As a result of the joint collaboration, the brand gave birth to its first range of rigid bags, the DELSEY Air Style in 1970.

Ever since then, DELSEY’s mission is to develop luggage, traveling case and suitcases that are lightweight, reliable, and most importantly, sturdy and durable. Using the latest technology, premium quality materials, and functional design, DELSEY have been manufacturing award-winning luggage for the past seven decades by applying the latest trends and hiring experts to develop luggage that will be DELSEY’s loyal companions whenever they go, and however they travel, whether on business or for leisure. DELSEY’s luggage ranges are made to mirror DELSEY’s customers’ personality so that they can incorporate DELSEY luggage as part of their wardrobe.

Today, DELSEY offers hand-made luggage, travel cases and suitcases for adults and kids, that uses the same materials used to construct camera cases in the past, with soft-touch furnishings, -“a tradition of form meets function meets flair” that could only come from one place, DELSEY. DELSEY products are subjected to strict production control and every DELSEY product comes along with a trusted 2, 5 or 10-year global warranty against damages in material and craftsmanship from the date of purchase.

Now, DELSEY has grown to become the second largest luggage in the world, with distribution points in over 110 countries on all five continents, and in the most esteemed departmental stores in the world.

DELSEY’s amazing, innovative solutions in luggage design

In 2014, DELSEY introduced a number of designs that help to refresh their collection. Strived to continue meeting customers’ demands and needs, DELSEY’s innovations are meant to make journeys easier and allowing travelers’ to travel with peace in mind. One of the innovative solutions in luggage design is the overweight indicator. DELSEY introduced a special warning system that notifies the traveler, whether the luggage has exceeded the airline companies’ typical baggage weight.

This is so that travelers could check–in with confidence and saves the hassle of manually weighing the baggage at the airport itself! It works by lifting your case by the main handle and at the same time, looking out for the change of color of the overweight indicator. If the indicator turned red, it means that the baggage has exceeded the permitted baggage weight. If it remains clear, that means you have the ideal baggage weight and you are good to go! This brilliant solution only available in MONTMARTRE Trolley cases, in two sizes, medium (65cm) and large (77cm).

Another novelty created by DELSEY is the integrated brake system. The integrated brake system is designed to keep the bag under control so the bag will not roll on its own. With one swift movement, the wheels are locked. Available only in DELSEY CHATELET trolley cases, this wheel-lock system works by turning the dial on the back of the case to “STOP” position. The system will automatically lock the wheels and preventing it from rolling while it is in upright position. To unlock the wheels, just turn back the dial to “GO” position and the wheels will be able to roll once again.

Everything you need to know about DELSEY

  • A DELSEY luggage bag is sold every 10 seconds globally, faster than any luggage brand in the world.

  • DELSEY has won a total of 50 awards since 1965.

  • DELSEY is the first luggage brand that introduces a prototype online luggage called “pluggage”, designed to provide “travel experience 2.0” for travelers who craved for connectivity, independence, safety and service when they travel.

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