A reliable laptop bag is important to keep your laptops safe and secure while you are travelling. Not only should they provide ample space to store your laptop and other accessories, they should also ensure that these products are protected from physical damage. Besides manufacturing trustworthy laptops, Dell also produces reliable laptop bags to protect your laptops with. Find out more about Dell laptop bags below.


Simple Tips on How to Choose Your Dell Laptop Bags

Laptops are portable computers that we can conveniently carry with us wherever we go. However, they are often too big and bulky (not to mention expensive!) to be carried with our hands, which is why laptop bags are created; as an alternative way to carry laptops and its complementary accessories safely. There are a lot more considerations to be taken into account when choosing a Dell laptop bag aside from providing sufficient protection, which includes:

Size and Style

Dell's laptops are available in sizes ranging from 11 to 17 inches, so there are laptop bags that are catered to specifically fit each size respectively. You should a laptop bag which the size of the specified compartment to carry your laptop match closest to your laptop size so that the laptop fits perfectly into the compartment. A small laptop will rattle in a compartment designed for bigger laptops.

When it comes to style, it is totally up to your personal preference. Do you prefer a backpack, a hand-carried bag or an over-the-shoulder messenger bag? You should also consider the occasion in which you are using it – backpacks are best for getting through crowds quickly and when there is a lot of walking involved. Whereas messenger bags and hand-carried bags are more suitable for formal occasions such as conference and meetings as they look more professional. Moreover, you should choose a laptop bag with subtle colours such as grey and black to make it easier to match your wardrobe.

Compartments and protection

A laptop bag should not be able to house your laptop only but also all the complementary accessories that go with it such as your headphones, battery charger, mouse, et cetera. Hence, you should choose a bag that consists of a compartment to snugly house your laptop, a section to place all your accessories, and a pocket or two to fit other miscellaneous objects such as a small notebook or a pen.

The whole point of getting a laptop bag is to protect your device. Besides being able to fit your laptop perfectly, it should also have soft but firm fabrics for the lining, to act as a cushion and shock absorber of sorts to protect its contents from any unintentional bumps and knocks. However, you should also bear in mind that a laptop bag that is more padded will weigh quite heavily, even before including the contents. Dell Malaysia's messenger bags are equipped with their patented SafePort sling system guarantees the safety of your laptop while travelling.

Build quality

Choosing a good build quality is important to ensure that the bag lasts longer and its contents are well-protected. In this case, metallic zips are preferable, compared to plastic zips which tend to spoil easily after frequent usage. Furthermore, make sure that the bag is made of water-resistant and hard-wearing fabric, such as neoprene (the material used to make wetsuits), ballistic nylon or ripstop nylon. Dell Malaysia's laptop bags that are made with nylon and a waterproof mesh is ideal for the Malaysian weather, in case you suddenly get caught in an unexpected downpour as it keeps your laptop and other contents dry.