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Cooling system has been a huge part of our day to day living in tropical countries like Malaysia in order to survive the year long heat of the sun. Deka is among the leading brands that's been providing cooling systems such as fans, for many years now. Keep your home cool and get the best cooling system and fans from Deka Malaysia right here!

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Deka Fans Malaysia

Deka is a brand that is known for Fans, heaters, bulbs and lightings; they started out in 1988 as a distributor, wholesale and retailers of such products. To date, their client base still continuous to grow as their label becomes a household name when it comes to ceiling fans.

Why Deka Ceiling Fans Malaysia?

Elmark Ceiling fans use high quality materials that are meant to last long. On top of that it is equipped with technology that enhances the amount of air it produced without causing too much noise. This all boils down to the motor that runs the ceiling fans.

More Air

Unlike other ceiling fan, Deka Ceiling fans move a good amount of air to bring the room temperature to a comfortable level. These Ceiling fans sports a perfectly sculpted blade, that is curved enough to move the air strong enough to be felt across the room. The motors for their ceiling fans are powerful enough to properly support the sizes of their blades.

High Efficiency

Most often than not, the reason why fans underperform and move less air is because of its motor. If the motor runs on a very low voltage, obviously it won’t generate enough power for the fans to move the air efficiently. Deka Ceiling fans are built to throw around a lot of air.

Less Noise

Humming are caused by many things:

  • Substandard materials: low quality materials that are used by other manufacturers to reduce cost are common source of noise when the fans are operating.
  • Improper attachment of the blade can greatly generate a lot of noise.
  • Poor Engineering / design
  • Lack of precision
  • Improper attachment of bearing and other metals.

Elmark Ceiling fans use the best materials for this product. Plus, its design and engineering are specially made to provide more power with less noise.

Deka Ceiling Fan Models

Elmark has a wide array of ceiling fans that are designed and tailor fit to perform best in different conditions and environment. They have diversified their ceiling fans into 3 categories according to its style and function:

Local Model

Elmark ceiling fans that are classified as local models are the basic ones in their product line. It sports a simplistic style with simplistic function – to move air efficiently. Despite of the basic choices in this category, the ceiling fans are still equipped with highly capable motors that could provide comfortable living.

Export Models

Ceiling fans in this category are considered as Deka’s mid-range ceiling fans. Just like the local modeal, the export one are as effective in providing comfort. However, the fans covered by this category sports additional features such as a light bulbs and remote control

Designer Models

From the name of the category itself, the fans in this category are meant to satisfy the lavish lifestyle that some people sought after. Export models Deka Ceiling fans are bestowed with over the top designs, symbolizing creativity and luxury.

For maximum performance but great energy savings, Deka Ceiling Fans Singapore is the brand the answer to that home comfort dilemma. Deka is a name that’s most consumers trust when it comes to quality ceiling fans.