If you’re a lover of all kinds of sports, you would definitely love what Decathlon in Malaysia has to offer. With over 5000 sporting goods, the brand is dedicated to every sports enthusiast in Malaysia. Scroll below to find out more!


Sporting goods that you’ll love with Decathlon in Malaysia

Vitality and responsibility are what drives Decathlon Malaysia to be one of the best sporting goods brands in the country. From men’s sports clothing to accessories, you can find over 50 categories of sports products at Decathlon in Malaysia.

Diving and snorkelling

People who love spending time in the ocean will find just the equipment they need. The top activity that most people enjoy on a beach holiday is snorkelling. Decathlon in Malaysia has everything you need before you even hit the beach and you’ll be surely well-equipped for your underwater adventure. Another popular activity other than snorkelling is scuba diving. Thankfully, you can enjoy the experience of a total dive with the Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus which includes a tank of oxygen that helps you to breathe as you swim. Other than that, once you complete your collection of diving gear you can pair them with Decathlon’s range of diving equipment accessories.

Fitness and body-building

Avoid spending exorbitantly on your gym membership with Decathlon’s fitness equipment. Whether if you’re looking for a cardiovascular workout or aiming to build up muscles, there is specific equipment for various types of workouts. For cardiovascular workouts, they have standard equipment such as treadmills, cross trainers, and exercise bikes. On the other hand, you can build and define your muscles with their range of body-building equipment such as weight benches, compact home gyms, and training weight kit.


It is always important to dress appropriately when you go on a hike to ensure you can enjoy the beauty of nature safely. Decathlon’s range of hiking clothes will make sure that you’re always prepared for what lies ahead. From pants to caps, you can build a whole hiking wardrobe easily. Another important essential for hiking is backpacks and Decathlon allows you to choose a variety of different sizes. On top of that, getting the right hiking gear can make or break your experience. Thankfully, offered here is a wide range of safety aiding accessories that ensure you have a safe and successful trip.


Many people love incorporating a run into their workouts as there are a lot of benefits to it. Whether you run for fitness or planning to train for the next ironman, Decathlon Malaysia has the running gear you need. The running clothes are made of breathable material as it is one of the most important aspects when it comes to running. Also, their shoes offer proper feet support and will last you a long time. Alternatively, there are also trail running shoes catered to those who tend to go off the beaten path.


Bring your family on an outdoor adventure with Decathlon’s range of quality camping gear. You can find tents that suit one person as well as up to a group of up to 8. Additionally, there are shelters and tarps which provide a quick resting solution. The tents are also easy to set up and practical to carry when you're out and about.

Surfing and bodyboard

Do some stunts on the waves with Decathlon’s range of surfboards, bodyboards, skimboards and many more! Enjoy your surfing experience more with accessories such as detachable fins and surfboard leash. The variation of boards is catered to surfers who are experienced and inexperienced. While you brave the rough waters, you should protect yourself with the right clothing such as full-body wetsuits, surf booties, wetsuit hoods and many more.


Football is all about teamwork and requires a lot of running around the field. Having the right football shoes is important to prevent any injury. Ranging from astroturf shoes to hard pitch boots, you can find just the right shoe that does the job at Decathlon Malaysia. Regardless of skill level, every footballer should dress comfortably while out in the field. From jersey tops to shorts, you can simply assemble a team with Decathlon’s football outfits.


Whether you’re a novice or expert at climbing, Decathlon has the right range of tools to make every climb enjoyable. Safety is an important aspect when it comes to climbing. Thankfully, Decathlon’s climbing gear is made with materials of the highest quality.

Combat sports

Boxing, martial arts, wrestling are combat sports that many people partake in regularly. These exercises are not only great for overall health, but it is a form of self-defence too. Decathlon has an array of combat sports equipment that will surely help to improve your skills. Nevertheless, it is important to protect yourself while you practice any combat sport as there’s a likelihood that you’ll injure yourself. Strike, kick, and spin safely with Decathlon’s head to toe protection gears.

What brands does Decathlon Malaysia sell?

Decathlon Malaysia has over 200,000 exclusive products from the store’s own sporting brands. Some of Decathlon’s most popular brands are as follows:

  • Kalenji - running shoes and gear
  • Domyos - gym, yoga, and dance accessories
  • Artengo - tennis equipment
  • Perfly - badminton equipment
  • Tarmak - basketball equipment

Does Decathlon Malaysia sell other brands?

Decathlon plans to exclusively sell their own brands by 2020. This means you can’t find goods from Nike, Adidas, or others at a Decathlon branch. Don’t fret because Decathlon’s own products are also of high quality and on par with bigger international brands.

Which Decathlon is the biggest in Malaysia?

The biggest Decathlon branch in Malaysia is Decathlon Shah Alam. It covers a whopping 5,000sqm, has 2 floors, and an outdoor playground for visitors with children. Decathlon KL might not be as big as the branch in Shah Alam, but you can still find thousands of high-quality products in Decathlon branches near you.

Can I shop for products from Decathlon online?

Yes, you can shop directly on their online website as well as other online merchants such as Shopee and Lazada. They provide fast delivery as well as an easy return and exchange program, similar to the physical Decathlon stores.