Yearning for solid, packed performance while looking hip at the same time? DC has a great selection of shoes, bags, clothing, and accessories that would suit your thrill-seeking lifestyle. Read more about DC Malaysia below.

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What Makes DC Sportswear A Huge Brand in Malaysia

At the helm of extreme sports and an outdoor lifestyle, DC has brought products catered to the sportsmen of Malaysia. Since its beginnings, DC has made awesome apparel and gear that hit the headlines on the front cover of famous lifestyle and sports magazines.

Spearheading skateboarding and action sports shoes, DC is no stranger when it comes to creating stylish yet durable shoes. The popularity of DC does not just lie in its shoe line as DC also manufactures tough yet fashionably impressive headgear (caps, hats, and beanies), hoodies, jackets, gloves and other accessories. With a strong emphasis on dynamics, details, and durability, DC has been able to forge products that enable skateboarders and snowboarders alike to be both fashionable and fun at the same time because they can wear in their sessions while looking great.

Extreme sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, and others are that hobbies that have become increasingly popular and DC believes that its products can inspire and ignite more and more people to take part and embrace these life-changing sports. In other words, DC wishes to impart the enthusiasm in getting out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown for greater rewards. What are you waiting for? Let DC invite you to be a part of this awesome adventure as you seek to rediscover the passion that resides within you.

Why DC Malaysia Is Going to Take Over The World

Passion & Promise Led by highly ambitious and passionate people that love to promote and expand extreme sports, DC represents the combination of promise and passion being moulded as one solid package that will benefit those that truly embrace the adventurous and competitive spirit in extreme sports. Boasting its own teams of professional athletes, DC features results and achievements that many sports fans and enthusiasts alike can see for themselves as they can show how DC products help them to do well when using them. In fact, there are only a few instances that you can find a brand company that truly cares and caters to the extreme sporting community. Most sports brands see athletes as people that they can sell and market their products to them.

Primed for performance and taking the feedback from the extreme sports crowd seriously, DC has been active and dedicated to adapting the latest technologies and techniques that make DC products to be popular among them - not just by being cool but also being able to deliver solid and packed performance. DC does not want to impress those that are not very familiar with extreme sport because professional athletes and sports enthusiasts do deserve something that can help them to do better. In other words, DC does not bother with releasing products that are pleasing the mainstream crowd. As the athletes and enthusiasts desire solid, workable result, you will be as amazed as them when you find DC products to be able to channel your training, technique, and skills into reality.

Incredible DC Products

DC offers incredible products that fulfil the needs of every athlete and enthusiast alike. From skateboarding to snowboarding, DC has the experience and know-how in crafting amazing sports gear that can enhance your own performance while looking good and being comfortable at the same time. These are the popular skateboarding shoes for men & women:


  • Men's Evan Smith S Low-Top Shoes
  • Men's Lynx Vulc S Cyril Jackson Shoes
  • Men's Trase S SE Tristan Shoes


  • Women's Lynx Vulc Low-Top Shoes
  • Women's Lynx Vulc TX Low-Top Shoes
  • Women's Anvil TX SE Shoes

Living Your Passion With DC Malaysia

DC loves to encourage people to unlock their inner passions that have been long buried by neglect or other circumstances. This is the time to follow your passion and literally just do it. Do not let your dreams be dreams because you can choose to be adventurous with DC Malaysia! Boasting cool bag designs, you should take a look at the amazing DC bags collection. Now you can live the fast-paced, extreme lifestyle you have always wanted to with DC clothing and other apparel. Get out there and conquer life with each challenge you face.