Daniel Wellington is known for its minimalistic, clean, and simple design. You can personalize your Daniel Wellington watches with the interchangeable strap; choose between the NATO or leather straps. Keep your Daniel Wellington watches clean and polished by following the tips below. Click here to read more.


How to Take Care and Maintain your Daniel Wellington Watches in Malaysia

It is imperative for every watch enthusiast regularly clean their timepieces regardless of what the brand or type of the watch. Daniel Wellington, or often known as DW watches, offer timepieces that promote clean living through its simple design. That’s why it is important to take care of your Daniel Wellington watches properly.

General steps to clean your Daniel Wellington watch

First, you should wipe and clean your watch as often as possible. Take a soft cloth or towel and remove the dirt on the surface of the watch. To get rid of the dirt in hard-to-reach crevices, you can spray your DW watch in water. All Daniel Wellington watches are water resistant, so they should be able to take on a few spritz of water. You can also mix the water with a drop of liquid soap, spray it on the watch and brush it using a lint brush or wipe with a towel.

Other steps to help maintain your Daniel Wellington watch

Other than cleaning your watch regularly by yourself, servicing the watch might help with the longevity of your DW watches. DW watches use the quartz mechanism so you will only have to service your Daniel Wellington watch every three to four years. If you happen to have any scratches on the surface of the watch, they can also be removed and polished when you take your Daniel Wellington watch for service. At any cost, avoid trying to fix your Daniel Wellington watch by yourself.

What to avoid

Although DW watches are not as high-maintenance as mechanical or automatic watches, it’s still important to avoid the following things.

  • Water – Sure, DW watches are water resistant but it doesn’t mean they are completely waterproof. Unless Daniel Wellington releases an exclusive diving watch, don’t take your DW watch into the deep end.
  • Magnets – Modern quartz watches have developed resistance to magnetic fields. However, strong magnets can alter the movement of the engine of your Daniel Wellington watch.
  • Extreme temperature – Try to limit exposure to sunlight because it can easily fade the color on your Daniel Wellington watches. Other than that, heat can shorten the life of your battery.
  • Opening the watch by yourself – You might be tempted to change the battery of fix the dials yourself, but this is something that you should always leave to the professionals. Opening your DW watch yourself can expose it to dirt and dust that can become trapped inside the movement.

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