Doing our laundry has become such an integral part of our daily life. It’s imperative that we choose a detergent that can effectively clean our dirty clothes but is also safe and free of harmful chemicals. Daia offers exactly that; find out more about Daia detergent below.


How to Do Laundry Right with Daia Malaysia

Daia is an Indonesian laundry detergent brand manufactured by Wings. Daia has been distributed across Malaysian households since 2000 and until now, it remains a trusted detergent brand for people of all backgrounds.

Types of Daia Detergent Powder

All Daia products come in powder forms. Currently, Daia offers a wide range of different types of powder detergent. Each of these laundry detergents has similar properties but with differences in their scents and their functions such as eliminating stubborn stains and maintaining the vibrancy of your clothing. The types of Daia detergent that you can choose from are:

  • Daia Colourshield - With its innovative active formula, it can remove tough stains and keep your clothes bright and vibrant, no matter how many times you put it through the wash.
  • Daia Super Low Suds - Made especially for the front-load washing machines, less bubbles means less mess. Less bubbles don’t mean less fragrance, though.
  • Daia White Action - For all your white clothes, trust Daia White Action to keep them from fading.
  • Daia Lemon Citrus - Use this Daia detergent if you dry your clothes indoors.
  • Daia Floral Freshness - Also suitable for indoor drying, this Daia detergent will leave your clothes smelling as fresh as a flower garden.

Laundry Tips and Tricks with Daia Malaysia

  1. Separate colours and whites. You don’t want your coloured clothes to bleed on your white pieces during washing, so it’s best to separate them. This way, you can also use two specific detergents that can brighten whites and maintain colours.
  2. Select the right detergent. You can choose between powder or liquid detergent, but powder detergent lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly. Also, pick one that has a softener and stain remover all in one.
  3. Choose the right temperature. While warm water is best for eliminating odour, some fabrics can only be washed with cold water. If you need to wash in cold water, separate the pieces before doing your laundry.
  4. Read the laundry instruction. Most pieces of clothing come with laundry instructions so if all else fails, you can refer to this guide.