From the humble microwave oven to the spectacular air conditioner, Daewoo supplies all of these awesome home appliances and electronics that can make your life better than ever. Read more about Daewoo Malaysia here.


Daewoo Malaysia - Enhancing Appliances With Features That Enrich Our Life

As one of the largest electronic companies in South Korea, Daewoo boasts a full range of premium quality home appliances and electronics. For almost 50 years of its operations, Daewoo proudly manufactures consumer goods as well as being sought by other manufacturers in building local manufacturing units that produce various home appliances and electronics. With its own legendary reputation even among the established brands in the world of consumer electronics, Daewoo actually possesses more than 64 production sites, research and developmentcentersas well as research centers in more than 40 countries. In simpler words, Daewoo is one of the leading brands in the world of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Since its founding, Daewoo has been focusing on quality, performance and innovation of its products. At the same time, Daewoo also places much priority on maintaining strong customer care and support. Needless to say, such emphasis enables Daewoo to soar and dominate the skies as its products are highly popular because they are able to perform well beyond expectations. After all, Daewoo is all about developing products that enrich your life.

About Daewoo Malaysia & Its Story Of Success

Founded as far as 1971, the origin of Daewoo or Daewoo Electronics actually went even further before that. Before being taken over by Dongbu Group in 2013, Daewoo Electronics was actually owned by Daewoo Group. In March 1967, Kim Woo-jung established the legendary Daewoo Group. Taking advantage from government-sponsored cheap loans based on potential export profits, Daewoo Group continued to grow from strength to strength. Starting with only labor-intensive clothing and textile industries, Daewoo made the most out of it as these industries offered high profit margin, thanks to huge and inexpensive workforce at that time. From the 1980s to early 1990s, Daewoo began to experience exponential growth as it started to diversify by expanding into other areas. From construction to shipbuilding, Daewoo eventually amassed huge amount of assets as it can be found in diverse industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, telecommunication, musical instruments, defense, vehicles, computer and more. Of course, among all of these industries is Daewoo Corporation (the predecessor to Daewoo Electronics).

Throughout its years before 1997 Asian financial crisis, Daewoo Corporation was able to expand into several regions such as Asia, Africa, Europe and America as well as Middle East. As Daewoo recognized the fact that America was one of the largest and most competitive markets in the world, Daewoo entered into market through its first overseas distribution branch in New Jersey in 1983. In addition, Daewoo aldo established a string of production and distribution lines in major nations such as Peru, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. In Europe, Daewoo has been operating well in countries like United Kingdom, France, Poland, Spain, Germany and Romania. Back in Asia, Daewoo enjoyed strong sales in China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Malaysia has been chosen as the main logistic point for Daewoo products to be distributed in Southeast Asian market. Regarding CIS or Commonwealth of Independent States, Daewoo was proud to be the first Korean company that opened a subsidiary in that region in 1983.

When the 1997 Asian financial crisis finally came, Daewoo Group suffered huge financial losses. In 1999, the company went through a bankruptcy and was forced to be reorganized into 3 parts; Daewoo Corporation was one of the three. Eventually, Daewoo Corporation was renamed as Daewoo Electronics. It was owned by a group of creditors who later sold it to Dongbu Group in 2013. At the same time, it was actually being referred as Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation. Despite this period of uncertainty, Daewoo Electronics continued to endure with its products enjoyed strong sales and support in all regions.

Daewoo Malaysia - All About Developing Home Appliances That Are Centered Around Your Preferences

Thanks to its strong emphasis on R&D, Daewoo possesses great technological capacity as well as various infrastructure support in developing highly innovative products. These highly innovative products are being developed with the goal of solving the needs of their users. In other words, Daewoo takes strong efforts in making sure that its products are able to make sure that their customers smile. In addition, Daewoo injects the power and potential of latest technology into all of its products so that its customers can experience and enjoy them. Moreover, Daewoo also takes pride in designing its products by faithfully following the feedback from its customers during the development and design process. All in all, Daewoo is all about building home appliances that reflect the preferences and desires of its customers.

Amazing Daewoo Malaysia Products That You Should Get

Daewoo Refrigerators

Daewoo 120L Refrigerator
Encased in a minimalist yet modern case, this Daewoo refrigerator gives you the capacity in keeping your precious food and drink fresh at all times. At the same time, it exudes that classic look that easily fit well with your interior. This makes it even more simple in figuring where to place it in your home. It is your wonderful solution when it comes to making sure that your food and drink that spoil easily are being kept fresh daily.
Featuring a right-hinged door, it has been placed strategically so that you can open it effortlessly. Not just that, it also boasts more secured door that prevents it from being opened too long when no one is attending the refrigerator. This is important to prevent the loss of cold air especially you need to keep everything in the refrigerator remain fresh. Boasting 120L capacity, this enables you to store lots of food and drink without much trouble.

Daewoo Washing Machines

Daewoo Fully Automatic Washing Machine (Batik Care)
This Daewoo washing machine has designed exclusively to make sure that you are able to protect your delicate Batik clothing effortlessly. Thanks to such capability, you now do not have to worry about whether the washing machine will tear your beloved Batik clothing easily. At the heart of this Daewoo washing machine, it boasts the unique star drum that ensures all clothes are being cleaned totally. Besides, it is able to wash either delicate or thick fabric without encountering any trouble. This Daewoo top loader washing machine is truly the best choice in cleaning your clothes.

Daewoo Kitchen Appliances

Daewoo KOC9Q5TR Convection Microwave Oven 28L
Offering 5-in-1 technology, this Daewoo microwave oven is your best choice for your baking needs. Its touch control feature provides you with tons of exciting autocook menus that are truly perfect for daily cooking. Moreover, you can even cook for two as this Daewoo product is incredible with its unique duoplate technology that enables you to either cook or reheat two plates at once.

Daewoo Air Conditioners

Daewoo DSB-F0985EL Air Conditioner
Boasting amazing anti-rusting technology, this Daewoo air conditioner is safeas well as long lasting. Utilizing proper optimization of an air tunnel, it enables the indoor unit to achieve better distribution and stronger airflow without causing loud noise. Enjoy the glory of modern smart technology as you can use its Smart function automatically with just a button. Another amazing thing is that you can use this air conditioner even at lower voltage. Its V curve pattern enables better temperature monitoring during the night so that you able to sleep well with comfort at night.

Experience & Embrace The Future Of Home Appliances With Daewoo Malaysia

The advent of technology has certainly transformed the life for better. This is even apparent especially when you are using Daewoo products. Known for its reliability and durability, its full range of highly innovative products should be the finest additions to your household needs! For the latest Daewoo products, you should take a look at Daewoo home & living.