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Linking your home or office with Internet, D-Link offers network products that are both reliable and affordable at the same time. Read about D-Link here.

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D-Link Malaysia : Building Networks For People

As one of the global leaders in producing and supplying network equipment, D-Link Malaysia is the proud provider of incredible network products that have been linking countless homes, offices, schools, libraries and more. For three decades, D-Link has shown to the world about wonders and beauties of network connection. It is not just merely a provider as D-Link also takes up the roles of being a developer and designer for both consumer and business markets. In addition, D-Link pours a lot of its resources in perfecting its products so that they can really make the real difference when its customers are using them. Not just that, D-Link also regularly surprises the world with its awesome network products that are being regarded as innovative by critics and reviewers alike.

The Dynamic History Of D-Link

Established in March 1986 in Taipei, D-Link was formerly known as Datex Systems Inc. Amazingly, it actually began its operations as a network adapter vendor. The following year saw the release of DE-001 which was Datex's first Ethernet Adapter for the PC. From 1988 onwards, Datex launched the first peer-to-peer LANSmart Network Operating System and its first 10BASE-T Ethernet Hub as well as designed and produced its own Ethernet controller chips in larger scale.

In 1992, Dater Systems Inc was later renamed as D-Link Corporation and went public as the first networking company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in just two years. At the same time, D-Link International Pte ltd was founded in Singapore in order to develop and promote its business around the world despite having strong base in US, Europe and Asia. Not only that, D-Link was ranked by Dataquest as the leading provider of unmanaged Ethernet hubs in terms of port shipments. In 1996, D-Link launched the world's first Fast Ethernet Switch with ISDN Remote Router in stackable box. Subsequently, the amazing list of its achievements led D-Link to be listed among Forbe's 300 companies and this illustrated D-Link's growing potential in providing high quality network products. Throughout the 2000s, D-Link continued to expand by setting up more R&D centres in order to focus on the next big things like e-commerce, VoIP and high tech products.

Being active in extending its capabilities, D-Link had the foresight in initiating an extensive collaboration with Texas Instrument in order to craft better WLAN products. Another achievement was that some D-Link home routers got IPv6 Ready certification which meant that they could take advantage of the new IPv6 communication protocol for stronger and smoother operability. Fascinatingly, D-Link also emerged as the first company that pioneered Green Ethernet technology in its own D-Link Gigabit switches.

Needless to say, D-Link has managed to emerge as one of the leading network companies that boasts significant customer base in the segment of small and medium businesses. Such achievement is only possible because D-Link products truly offer a true working solution to its customers as they are reliable that you can use them longer than others in the market. Aside from that, D-Link products have the reputation of being extremely affordable that most can afford. As a result, D-Link is listed among the top IT companies in the world because its products are really that popular. Despite being at the forefront of network technology, D-Link also markets its surveillance and smart home products as well. After all, D-Link is all about linking convenience and comfort together as people can enjoy their network to the fullest with trusted D-Link products.

Celebrating The Passion To Innovate & Create

Continuing The Legacy Of Creating World's First

Since its inception, D-Link has been pioneering key concepts and products that prove to be crucial in elevating the network technology. From the old days of making chips to producing advanced network appliances, D-Link is always being associated with pioneering newer products and components that can enhance the network while improving the operation of the network.

Making Your Home Smarter Than Before

Talking about connectivity, D-Link offers more than just the usual network products that are responsible for Internet connection in homes or offices. In fact, D-Link has expanded into the realm of smart home products and surveillance cameras in order to take advantage of seamless connection. As a result, your home or office is safer and more secure than ever before and you can tap into smart home system with just a click away.

Top D-Link Malaysia Products That Everyone Loves


Digitally speaking, D-Link Malaysia believes that routers are the heart of your home as they are your instruments that enable everyone to be fully connected with the Internet. Among all of its routers, the D-Link Wireless AC5300 Tri-Band Gigabit Router (DIR-895L) takes the helm as the amazing product. Aside from its totally menacing and futuristic design that resembles evil drone from science fiction movies, this D-Link product features the simultaneous Tri-Band that allows for faster Wi-Fi speed that is up to 5332Mpbs. Moreover, it also comes with 1.4 GHz Dual Core Processor and 8 high-performance antennas that maximize its performance as a powerful router. In other words, this D-Link router is designed so that you can have the ultimate Wi-Fi experience.

Network Adapters

Transforming your older computers so that they have Wi-Fi connection is the job for network adapters. Boasting a large arsenal of network adapters, D-Link Malaysia ensures that they can cater to different customers with different needs. One of these network adapters is the revolutionary D-Link Wi-Fi Dual Band Wireless AC1900 USB Adapter (DWA-192) which looks like a Pokeball or Death Star. Setting it up is easier as you need to push the WPS push button in order to connect to the wireless network. Dual band simply means that you can expect this ball to provide Wi-Fi speed that is up to 600Mbps (2.5GHz) or 1300Mbps (5GHz) without any single interruption. Utilising USB 3.0 allows it to provide smoother connection that enables you to enjoy seamless gaming, file transfers and media streaming.

Bringing Innovations That Enhance Your Life

As we are keeping up with such acceleration of technology in modern day living, this simply means that we are able to do our stuffs faster and easier than before. It is not an exaggeration when D-Link is being considered as one of the world's largest supplier of network products when you can easily find its products to be everywhere. In addition, D-Link also produces high quality network cameras that can be adapted for different purposes. You can check them out at the category of D-Link camera & photo.

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