If you are on the market for good quality and affordable watches, then Curren Malaysia has a great selection of timepieces for you. Curren watches take pride in their large selection of watches from analogue, chronograph, and digital watches. Check out the best Curren watches in Malaysia or read more about different types of watches below.


Different Types of Watches from Curren Malaysia

If you are looking for the perfect watch as a gift for yourself or for a loved one, the first thing that you need to do is determine what type of watch you want. Watches come in all shapes, color, and sizes and can differ in features as well as internal mechanisms. Here are several types of watches that you can grab from Curren Malaysia:

Automatic Watches

Otherwise known as self-winding watches, automatic watches are the most popular type of watch for collectors. It uses the wearer's natural arm movement to turn a semi-circular rotor which in turn, powers the watch.

Chronograph Watches

Another popular choice for many watch enthusiasts, a chronograph watch has two or more extra faces or subdials inside the watch. Chronograph watches have several features such as a stopwatch or a dial that tells the minutes or seconds.

Diver Watches

Popularized legendary diver and inventor of scuba diving Jacques Coustaeu, this watch is made specifically for divers and seafarers because of its waterproof and water-resistant features.

Fashion Watches

If you are more for the aesthetics of watches, then a fashion watch would suit you best. These watches are made to make a statement and to suit your outfit as an accessory.

Mechanical Watches

Almost similar to a quartz watch except for the jewelled bearings to reduce friction between moving parts. Mechanical watches can have a higher price point but the beauty and accuracy is worth it.

Pilot Watches

Made to withstand high pressure while up in the air, pilot watches are made for aviation and flight.

Quartz Watches

Quartz watches are a type of timepieces which uses a vibrating quartz crystal to produce a more accurate reference. The quartz revolution almost destroyed the traditional watchmaking industry in the 70s.

Space Watches

As a testament to modern technology and man's endeavor to conquer space, space watches are invented. Made to last under the harsh vacuums of space without affecting its internal mechanisms, astronauts will now be able to tell Earth time accurately using space watches.

Sports Watches

Known for their oversized faces, sports watches are watches made for athletes with features such as GPS and heart rate monitors.

Swiss Watches

If you are a watch collector, then you would know that Swiss watches are amongst the most desirable watches today. What makes it different from other types of watch is the level of craftsmanship which doesn't come cheap!

Whether you want to splurge or save, you can find the perfect watch online from Curren Malaysia. Curren watches are known for their quality and low price point that would always suit your budget. Check out the hottest Curren watches in Malaysia with iPrice!