Set the easy and carefree side of yours free with the ever-cool Crumpler bags! Simply sling on the bags and embark on an adventure with Crumpler in Malaysia. Check out the best bags from the brand or read more about Crumpler Malaysia below.

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Everything you need to know about Crumpler in Malaysia

Crumpler Malaysia: Carving A Name

Crumpler became a household name through a simple yet effective marketing strategy. Back in 1995, it is almost impossible to cycle around Melbourne without spotting the Crumpler logo spray-painted around the city. This heightened the interest of the people and the bag became a must-have among the youngsters at that time.

In addition to the amazing marketing techniques and campaigns, Crumpler success was also contributed by the good word of mouth spread by the local people due to Crumpler’s great quality of products and functional bags. Even after many years, Crumpler is still standing firm in Australia and many other countries thanks to its solid foundation of loyal customers.

Your Ultimate Hardcore Bags

So why is it hard-core? Well, considering the vigorous process that each and every Crumpler bag has to go through before leaving the Crumpler factory, no doubt that Crumpler is indeed the most hard-core bag in the market. The bags and the buckles are tested with weights, the fabrics are tested under every possible weather conditions, and every component of the bag is surely is to be tested to guarantee the durability of the bags. It is also stitched using the bar tack technique, which is a continuous tight zigzag stitch repeated over itself to ensure maximum strength. Also, the main fabric of these bags are made from custom-woven fabric developed by the brand. It has up to 1000d weave density and is made to have the perfect balance between ultra-strength and weight.

Crumpler is all about providing ultimate comfort. Each bag is designed to fit a specific purpose and the team behind Crumpler makes it a point to assess every detail of the bag to meet the needs and the demands of the people today. The Crumpler bags are made out of carefully selected materials that are not only highly durable but also waterproof to protect your essentials on rainy days. A coating is utilised on all the bags to prevent any liquids, dirt, and grime from getting into the bag. The wheels of the luggage are designed to repel mud and dirt, meanwhile the handles and the zip of the bags are designed to endure constant use.

The Crumpler Travel and Luggage Collections

Crumpler is chosen as the official supplies of luggage for the 2016 Australian Olympic Team. The VIS-À-VIS, is made with bright colours and interesting desings which definitely add more colours into the Australian victory. In this collection, there are also hard case luggage that is designed for a journey that you will never forget while keeping your items safe. It is a durable and stylish luggage equipped with a clothes compression system to ensure a smooth travelling experience.

Another travel collection is dry red which a luggage equipped with easy-wheeling and efficient packing properties. On top of that, it is durable and weather resistant. For wanderlust who love to travel light, the Low Level Aviator collection is perfect for you! Comprising of backpacks, wheeled luggage, waist packs and day packs, this collection is all that you need for a perfect holiday.

Other stylish Crumpler bags that you'll love

Besides luggage and messenger bags, Crumpler is also famous for other amazing products. Check out other Crumpler masterpieces such as their backpacks, duffel bags, work bags, leather goods, and squid.