The very definition of comfort, Crocs takes you to another level of style and functionality in footwear. Their fun, trendy and vivid designs will surely catch the attention of anyone as you stroll around town. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to comfy and yet stylish Crocs. Read more about Crocs Malaysia here below to find out more about this brand.


Reasons Why You Should Own a Pair of Crocs

Popular around the world, Crocs have unique shoe designs that you can identify at first glance. Its distinctive look is known everywhere but a lot of people do not really know about its many benefits that they bring to your feet. Here are top reasons why Crocs can benefit you in many ways that you do not expect.

The Footwear Brand Recommended by Doctors

For patients with foot problems, some doctors actually recommend Crocs as suitable footwear that they can wear. According to doctors, Crocs are especially light and the design allows better room on the toes. Crocs have been favored by people with bone deformities such as bunions and hammer toes. In fact, Crocs releases Rx Crocs which are lined with antibacterial material that acts as prevention against fungal and bacterial infections. Furthermore, Crocs offer impressive value especially in terms of protection for people with diabetes. Since people with diabetes suffer reduced circulation in their feet, they are at high risk for open sores and wound infection. Thanks to the spare room and antibacterial properties of Crocs, they can help to address such problems.

As recommended by doctors, Crocs can prevent leg pain, back pain, and arch pain. When you compare Crocs with flip-flops, Crocs provide better protection while remaining light and easy to wear. Flip-flops also provide minimal arch support and less coverage leaving more room for you to stub your toes. Aside from its comfortable appeal, Crocs are also great for people who have had foot surgery to aide with swelling before transitioning back to your normal shoes.

Crocs Promotes Better Blood Circulation

Since foot care is important for people with diabetes, your shoes should be comfortable, should fit well, and protect your feet. As such, your shoes should have smooth linings and there are no objects inside. Diabetic shoes or inserts are highly recommended for people that suffer from foot deformities, foot ulcers, poor circulation in your legs and feet and inability to feel your feet.

It is vital to maintaining a good blood circulation around your whole body, especially if you are suffering from muscle pains or have existing medical conditions. Irregular or blocked blood flow can have dire effects on the body. Thankfully, Crocs has created a set of footwear that would help and encourage blood flow to the legs. The brand has incorporated footbed circulation nubs (a defining trait of Crocs), Crocs can stimulate blood flow in your legs and feet. Furthermore, your reaction and body coordination will naturally increase in terms of speed and precision.

If you are an athlete, you will appreciate how strong and fast a healthy body can be. If you play sports that require a lot of leg movement such as running and jumping, wearing Crocs after a game would help you relieve the built-up stress caused by such a strenuous activity. Crocs can help you relax after a game.

Crocs are Made from Engineered Material

Crocs are made of a special material that is known as Croslite. It is a soft and light material which is also fully PCCR (Proprietary Closed Cell Resin). Amazingly, it is non-toxic material that does not wear out quickly. You can expect your Crocs to last for a long period of time. Since it is between rubber and foam, this material can be simply cleaned with just soap and water. Not just that, it even possesses antibacterial properties which eliminate fungi and sweaty feet problem. At the same time, it also prevents odor which is a common problem in unsanitized shoes.

Another great thing about this material is it is slip-resistant. This is an amazing feature because sandals have the tendency to slip off. Crocs give you the added advantages of sandals without having its weaknesses. Crocs also offer many exciting designs and colors that can be made possible only with their unique material.

Crocs has a Great Selection of Designs

What makes Crocs so unique is their distinct footwear design since 2002; you can immediately spot a Crocs sandal from great distances! From their best product, Crocs has also created a selection of other designs that are both comfortable and stylish. Aside from their signature rubber sandals, the brand has also made flip-flops, clogs, ballerina flats, wedges, and even boots! Like their signature design, these new Crocs footwear is made from the same comfortable material and constructed with precision to create a set of footwear that you can wear for hours without hurting your feet.