When it comes to buying a watch, the decision needs to be based on more than just aesthetic reasons. As a trusted Singaporean brand, Crocodile Malaysia has watches that could satisfy all your time-telling needs. The tips here can help you choose the most suitable watch for you.


4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Crocodile Watches

Crocodile Malaysia aims to deliver timeless, quality and functional wear. Since its establishment in 1947 in Singapore, the brand has created a long and illustrious legacy. Crocodile is now a well-known lifestyle and fashion brand throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

The Crocodile brand offers more than just garments. They have a series of luxurious watches suitable for any occasions and for both men and women from all kinds of backgrounds. Picking a luxurious watch may be difficult to some, as there are endless choices one can pick on. The tips below can help you in your research and tell you exactly how to pick the right Crocodile watch and avoid regretting your purchase.

Understand how watches work

Typically, watches are made using three gear mechanisms: Quartz, mechanical, and automatic. Crocodile watches in Malaysia utilizes the Quartz mechanism, which uses the power from a battery and a small quartz crystal turns it into a series of pulses that rotates the gears and hands. Mechanical and automatic gears are quite similar to each other in a sense that they do not require any batteries. They have a coiled wire of metal or a mainspring that powers all the watch hands. However, automatic gears have the self-winding feature while mechanical watches still need to be wounded manually. Due to its simplicity, Quartz watches tend to be cheaper than mechanical or automatic watches.

Wear the correct watch styles

For some, all watches may look the same, but do you know that there are more than 5 types of watches? The different types of watches are meant to be worn to different occasions and places. For instance, dress watches are best worn with suits or tuxedos to formal events, while racing and aviator watches can be used during an exercise session due to the chronograph feature. You can find Crocodile watches in all sorts of styles so you can always wear the brand wherever you go.

Choose the watch features you need

Besides simple, minimalistic timepieces, watches can now do more than just tell you the current time. Some of the common watch features are tachymeter, used to calculate speed and distance, chronograph or a stopwatch, alarm, heart-rate monitor, luminous or glow-in-the-dark hands, day and date dials, moonphase display, water resistance, and multiple time zone dials. Other than that, watch displays now comes in two variations: digital and analog. Analog watches are the traditional watches that has hour and minute hands and uses either of the three gears listed above. Digital watches, however, uses liquid crystal display to show the time of day. Phone companies even offer digital watches to pair with your smartphones.

Always consider price tag

Luxury watch brands are sometimes extremely out of reach from the normal budget. For an avid watch collector, this might not be a problem, but for anyone else who’s not willing to spend so much on a wrist watch, try opting for a cheaper alternative. Asian brands like Crocodile will usually carry cheaper Quartz watches with various features. Crocodile watch prices range from approximately RM200 to RM1000, depending on the gear type, materials, and features. The price of watches from luxury, foreign brands will sometimes double or triple the price of Crocodile watches.

To compliment your Crocodile watches, check out other items from this brand like Crocodile clothing, bags, and home décor. Now put these tips to use and find yourself a great deal for a Crocodile watch here on iPrice.