When it comes to power tools, you know you can trust Craftsman as a brand. Get the best from Craftsman tools in Malaysia with the selection below or find out more here.


Craftsman Malaysia – Quality tools for You

Every man needs a set of tools. The perfect set of tools can help you create, take apart, and fix anything. Fixing and building things with your hands tends to have a masculine feel to it. Thankfully, there is one brand that brings out the manliness in the use of tools – Craftsman. Whether it’s power tools or adhesives, mechanical or measuring tools, Craftsman brings a quality set every time. Craftsman is particularly popular here in The Malaysia as we love getting our hands dirty in style. You can have your very own set from Craftsman too! Find out more about Craftsman tools in The Malaysia with the links below or check out the selection above.

Get rough and dirty with Craftsman tools

Whenever we choose a set of tools, we want a brand that can take a beating. Tools that can be used and abused over time without succumbing to the pressure that we put on it are considered to be of the highest quality. This is absolutely vital to anyone who wants a set of tools to work with. Craftsman tools present incredible reliability towards any task presented.

Craftsman also caters to the rough and dirty lifestyle of the user. Creating the ultimate environment for you to channel your manliness, Craftsman tools allow you to flex and unleash your inner strength on each piece in order to bring the desired effect.

What Craftsman tools should I get?

The beauty of using power tools and mechanical tools from Craftsman is the ability to choose from a wide variety of machines to work with. Depending on what type of task you need to complete, Craftsman has the tools you need. Here are some options you can get from Craftsman:

Craftsman Home Improvement

Home improvement is the ultimate category for Craftsman to shine. Craftsman home improvement presents an array of products such as the tool sets, electrical, flashlights, garage storage, hand tools and plumbing too. As most plumbing, electrical and basic house repair costs escalate, we tend to DIY fixes wherever possible. A reliable toolset then becomes a necessity. Here are some specifics of what Craftsman offers with its home improvement:

  • Craftsman Evolv 5 pc. Pliers Set
  • Craftsman Nextec 12 Volt Lithium Ion 3/8 Inch Compact Drill Driver
  • Craftsman 10-piece Metric Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
  • Craftsman 19 Inch Tool Box with Tray - Black/Red
  • Craftsman C3 Heavy Duty 19.2 Volt 1/2 In. Impact Wrench w/ Built-in LED Worklights

Try out creative DIY with Craftsman

For those who may not have much to work on using heavy tools, Craftsman presents itself as a medium into the world of creative DIY. For those who don’t know the applications of creative DIY, simply watch a movie. Movie sets and props were made by people who live and love the art of making things. The right tools then become the propmaker's ultimate weapons to create stunning visuals.

If you’ve ever watched a Star Wars movie or any superhero movie, you will find that costumes and weaponry the characters use are custom-made by people who work behind the scenes. Much of this is done by people who work with a set of heavy tools. Craftsman Malaysia gives you that same power and creative scope to bring to life characters from movies and animations. From swords and guns to whole streets and buildings, Craftsman power tools are an essential part of your DIY toolbox.

Get the best of Craftsman in Malaysia by shopping online

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