Coway developed the finest air purifier and water filtration products in the world. Coway Malaysia offers a quality range of products like; Water Filters, Air Purifier, Juicepresso blender and more. Save lives and save money with Coway products, Malaysia’s no.1 trusted brand since 2015 for water filters and air purifiers!


Coway Malaysia: Health is Wealth

Coway products are unique and they can't be compared to any other similar products in the market. Coway product performance, reliability and uniqueness make the brand the“The excellence provider in Malaysia".

Coway's Mission

Coway Company is a market leader in distributions of air and water purifier solutions. Established in 1989, Coway is highly respected as the air and water purifier provider in the world. Coway’s mission is to develop health products, that can filter water and purified air. Hence, it helps people to live healthier. Coway Malaysia is focusing on consumer suitability. Providing and delivering value to customers all over the world. Telling; we never recommend anything that is not necessary. Coway grows continuous with the goal of being number one as a Health Appliances provider.

The Importance of Coway Water Filter and Air Purifier

Two key points of why Coway air and water filtration product is important: first, climate change makes air polluted and water saltiness. This turns rivers, springs, and reservoirs into a dreadful state of stress which leads to water deterioration. Second, air and water contaminant are increasing, caused by flowing dirt, chemical, and bacteria which are commonly found in water and air. Salts of iron, arsenic, fluorides, nitrates, and chloride are also commonly found in unfiltered air and water.

Coway Water Purifier and Filtration System

Drinking water is one of the most important health concerns. As health experts recommend 1.5 litres of drinking water per day is a must. But, it's not just gallons of water is important but also the quality of water. Safety precaution, get your drinking water from licensed and well-maintained refilling stations like Coway. Coway water purifier and filtration is the best solutions against contaminated water. Coway's technology of water filtration eliminates risk from contamination and drinking unhealthy water. Coway offers a range of water filtration in applications and safety water treatment technologies. Coway's water filter treatment is a way of removing bacteria and chemicals. Coway water application eliminates all saltness, bacteria, fluoride, chlorine, taste, odour, and chemicals.

Coway Water treatments and applications are:

  • Home water filtration and purifier systems
  • Coway water softeners
  • water ultra purifier system
  • Microchemical testing

Coway Air Purifier

Coway air purifiers can change the quality of indoor air. Did you know that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air? In an indoor area, dust particles, mites, and bacteria can contaminate the air. It can result in headaches, loss of concentration, fatigue, throat and nose irritations and illness. So, a clean and healthy air environment is important for employees, families, and yourselves. The air purifier of Coway Malaysia removes all kinds of air pollution and all sorts of discomforts like allergies, flu, and germs while it cleans up the polluted air. Breathing in these floating particles can damage the body and lungs system. And by using Coway air purifiers anti-virus, the body is free from major stress and sickness. And contribute to a healthy environment in which everyone feels better and more energetic. Coway also offered air purifier solutions for smoke, odour, and harmful bacteria.

To improve our lifestyle, we need to be extra careful. Coway believes in continuous learning. They trust and believe that success is driven by the support system. The Coway brand is a combination of design, reliability, and advanced technology. Coway's other products include:

  • Juicepresso CJP-03 - World's Patented Integrated Squeezing Technology
  • Bidet System BA-12- Eco Friendly and Effortless Cleanliness
  • Air Purifier Tuba– Super Capacity Air Purifier | Anti-Microbial, Deodorization, Anti-Flu HEPA
  • Air Purifier Dolomities AP- Capture and inactivate, the floating bacteria in the air
  • Outdoor Filter Bamboo POE – a complete solution to clean household water
  • Coway Water softeners - reduce your soap usage by 70%, help lower irritation to your skin and make your dishes super clean.

Coway the No.1 Power Brand | Certification and Awards

  • Malaysia’s no.1 Trusted brand 2015 – Water Purifier Gold Award
  • Jakim Halal Certification – First Overseas Company, who receives such Certification.
  • Recognized as “Drinking Water Quality Inspection Agency”
  • Awarded the Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal Mark
  • Certification for Global Brand Competency Index (GBCI)
  • Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 TUV certifications
  • A certified company with the best customer Complaints Management System (CCMS) by the Fair Trade Commission for the second straight year.
  • Obtained Certification from the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components
  • Received the Prime Minister’s Award in recognition of the company’s contribution to eco-friendly industry and low-carbon, green management
  • Coway’s water filtration system was selected as a World-class Product
  • Won the best Out-of-The-Home Media Award for Coway’s Bidet Campaign 2012
  • Certificate of Compliance - Reduction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS)

Moving Ahead with Coway Malaysia

Coway Malaysia’s no.1 Trusted trademark company devoted to protecting the Mother Nature resources. They strive to offer high quality of air purification and water filtration. Coway Malaysia believes in the importance of, clean indoor air and water for health. Providing the community with safety and effective purifier and filtration benefits for us all. Coway built a strong range of products to provide solutions that the consumer needs.

Coway was established in South Korea in 1989 and since then, it’s been one of the best air purifier and water filter brands in the country. Coway started its operations in Malaysia more than 20 years ago and the success that followed here is parallel to the one in its originating country.

Is Coway purifier good?

With their advanced designs and technology, Coway water and air purifiers are deemed the best in the market today. The company has invested a lot in its Research and Development department to continuously improve on the qualities of these purifiers.

Is Coway water safe?

Coway water filter is equipped with top-notch filters to eliminate all the harmful substances from the water like parasites, germs, and bacteria. You and your family can safely drink this water without having to boil it.

Which air purifier is the best in Malaysia?

If you’re planning to invest in an air purifier, consider getting one from Coway. Some of the best air purifiers from Coway include:

  • Coway Personal & Car Air Purifier - small and compact, suitable for people on-the-go
  • Coway Airmega 400 Smart Air Purifier - quiet but mighty, Coway’s top-of-the-line model
  • Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier - advanced filters, ideal for usage at home

Aside from Coway, you can also check out other top air purifier brands in Malaysia like Panasonic, Sharp, Philips, Dyson, and Xiaomi. Choose the right air purifier that fits your budget without sacrificing all the important features. Don’t forget to check out the offers on iPrice to help you save more when purchasing an air purifier or a water filter!