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If you are looking for powerful yet affordable mobile services, you do not have to look further because you have U Mobile to serve your needs. Read more about U Mobile Malaysia below to find out.

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If you are looking for powerful yet affordable mobile services, you do not have to look further because you have U Mobile to serve your needs. Read more about U Mobile Malaysia below to find out.

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U Mobile Malaysia Coupons & Discount Codes - Unity of Connection

About U Mobile – Unleash the Unlimited Lifestyle

Since 2007, U Mobile has emerged as one of the most successful mobile operators in Malaysia. In just a short time, it has grown exponentially with millions of subscribers. This was shown by its own subscriber base which has grown from less than fifty thousand to over four million in less than 5 years. Such feat has been said to be incredible when U Mobile was considered as a new player in the industry of telecommunication. Despite being an upstart in this dynamic industry, U Mobile showed that it could identify well with its targeted audience and market. In other words, U Mobile knew how to win the hearts of its users.

In the beginning of the year 2015, U Mobile has taken the world by storm again by giving the same rates and benefits for both prepaid and postpaid users alike. With such straightforward and simple message, it is not a surprise when U Mobile manages to dominate the field. Not just that, this has already set it apart from most telecommunication providers in the market. In fact, some dare to say that the realm of telecommunications has changed tremendously when U Mobile sets its foot with its attractive packages. Unsurprisingly, the unique approach and strategy by U Mobile have caused other competitors to abandon the old way and gear up to retain the loyalty of their own subscribers.

At the same time, U Mobile is proud to announce that it has entered into strategic partnership with various industry leaders and players. Consequently, U Mobile brings a lot of perks that all of its subscribers can enjoy. Recognized by top leaders and customers alike, U Mobile has been named as the Most Promising Service Provider of the Year. Like its statement, U Mobile is more than prepared in unleashing the unlimited lifestyle that everyone can embrace.

Uniquely for U

As indicated by its first letter, U Mobile is all about creating a unique environment for you to enjoy the latest innovation through its services. Moreover, U Mobile designs its plans and promotions to suit your lifestyle. At the same time, U Mobile also tailors its entire service to revolutionize your experience. In addition, U Mobile will give you the package that changes your life.

Game-Changing Experience

Unlike other telecommunication players in the market, U Mobile desires to make a greater impact in the world of telecommunications by pushing the boundaries of innovation. Needless to say, U Mobile is one of the most innovative service providers as it offers amazing plans with affordable rates. It is not a surprise that U Mobile enjoys a substantial increase in its subscriber base since it provides plans that suite every taste and budget. Practically, U Mobile has pioneered much-needed changes that transform the landscape of telecommunications.

Driving Dreams

Thanks to its unique level of service and network, U Mobile is able to bring the field of telecommunications to the next level. In a simpler term, U Mobile continues to offer something that is new and fresh so that its subscribers can enjoy a lot of great perks without spending a lot. Not just that, you can experience the latest technology while paying less for it at the same time. As a matter of fact, U Mobile is all about giving you the true meaning of full throttle when it comes to enjoying your U Mobile experience. Hassle-free and smooth, this is the lifestyle that you have been dreaming of.

Enjoy Your Special U Mobile Malaysia Coupons & Discount Codes

  • On this U Mobile coupon page, you can look at these exciting coupons that you can enjoy. In addition, you can also read about their short description so that you know how they work. It is important to note that some of these amazing offers can only be found here in iprice.my.
  • Once you have found the U Mobile coupon that you are interested to get, you can click on either "Get This Offer" or "Get Coupon Code" button.
  • After that, a pop-up screen will appear and it contains the link that sends you to the main website of U Mobile. (If the U Mobile coupon contains the coupon code, you can find it in that pop-up screen.)
  • Before proceeding to the main website, you should copy the coupon code (if applicable).

How to Use U Mobile Coupons

When you have reached the main website of U Mobile, you can always take a look around to see any exciting deals.

  1. If you have an U Mobile account, you can sign in first on the site.
  2. Otherwise, you should sign up for an account.
  3. You can browse through various deals and promotions on the main site and look for the one that matches with your U Mobile coupon.
  4. It is important for you to read the terms and conditions of the U Mobile promotion before proceeding.
  5. When you are satisfied, you can always register and apply for your U Mobile promotion that you have selected.
  6. Depending on the U Mobile promotion that you have chosen, most of them require you to come to its physical store in order to complete the process.
  7. As for the U Mobile promotion that can be completed online, you can make payment on the site since U Mobile accepts debit/credit card.
  8. After going through the verification process and complete your transaction, you will receive a notification that your payment has been accepted.
  9. At the same time, you will receive the receipt for your successful payment.
  10. Finally, enjoy the power of unlimited lifestyle with U Mobile!

Other Important Information that You Should Know

Contact Information

When you have questions or seeking clarifications, you can always bring them to the dedicated team from U Mobile. You can always contact them via:


+6018 388 1318

Urgent Assistance

If you require immediate assistance, please call 1318 from your U Mobile number.

Hotline +6018 388 1318