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Giosis, or Qoo10, provides users a powerful online marketplace platform so that they can shop with high security and convenience. With 7 markets localized in 5 countries that includes Japan and Singapore, the company assuredly plans to expand into more Asian countries as soon as opportunities strike them.

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Grab RM35 Nett + Free Shipping on Tokichoi

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Get to know a little more about Qoo10

Founded in 2012 through the name of Giosis, the company is a result of a joint-venture formed with eBay. This is a hefty attribute to start off because eBay is considered as the world’s largest online marketplace. This collaboration was formed in due to become Asia’s leading online marketplace.

The name, “Qoo10” stands for three different values behind the brand.

“Q” stands for “Quest”

“oo” stands for “Search”

“10” stands for “Perfection and Completeness”

Furthermore, through its usage of the alphabet, “Q”, the company promises to deliver 3Q services to their company; they dedicate to their customers “Quest” for fun and value, they provide “Quick” and seamless shopping services, and they ensure “Quality” in their services.

Let’s go through Qoo10’s website

The Qoo10 website centralizes three main focus points:

  • Main search bar
  • Categories and deals drop-box bar
  • Displayed items

The website presents seven main categories; Women’s Fashion, Beauty and Diet, Men and Sports, Digital and Mobile, Home and Living, Baby and Food, Deals and Entertainment. At the bottom of the category drop-box, Qoo10 placed six additional buttons that lead to exciting opportunities. These buttons link the customers to the Time Sale, the Daily Deal, Group Buy, Q-chance, Auction, and the Lucky Price.

Q-chance Sale

How it works is that you fill up a table of attendance (which requires an account to be created) and with every of three or five days that you have ‘attended’ the website, you can exchange the attendance for MameQs. A MameQ represents the virtual currency for users to play the MameQ game to get price discounts or join the lucky auction or lucky price to win a certain amount of price for an item or the website. Through this feature, the team behind Qoo10 believes that shoppers are inclined to have fun whilst browsing for items to buy.

Time Sale

It boasts ‘Limited-Time Promotional Discounts’ on certain items. How it works is that during time periods of 10AM-5PM, 5PM-12AM, and 12AM-10AM, a limited number of items are offered with discounts for users. This is believed to be a great prompter for organic traffic as users will constantly be on the websites to browse through the limited-time discounted items.

Daily Deal

This feature is very much similar to the Time Sale but the discounts and special promotions lasts throughout specific days.

The Group Buy

Featured on Qoo10 as an incentive to purchase any specific product together with other buyers. The Group Buy offers great cost-saving discounts when a group of people buy the same item.

Lucky Auction

Brings a competitive betting of certain items up-for-grabs. Like conventional auctions, online and offline, each item starts off at the lowest price and goes up with every bid made. Also, conventionally, every item has its own time period of bidding.

Lucky Price

Offers users to pick a price between the indicated prices, make the bid, and wait for email announcements of the winners. Usually, five winners will be picked out and they are chosen by random.

How to navigate through the purchasing process on Qoo10

Very much like other online marketplaces, Qoo10 uses similar browsing and purchasing process.

First, you browse for the item that caught your intention or an item that you have been wanting to find online and you click on it. Clicking on the item will bring you to a page designed specifically for that particular item.

As you read through the details of your purchase on the right-hand side of the page, you will notice that you are given the options of choosing where to ship the item, shipping rate, item quantity, and either to add to your online cart to confirm your purchase or to your wish list. Unless you click to add an item to be put in your wish list, confirming your purchase will take you to the confirmation page where you can choose the method of payment and to fully confirm your purchase.

Similar to any other online purchases, Qoo10 offers a warranty depending on the item purchased of which you can return an item that you deem unfit or that you are unsatisfied with.

What needs to be done next is to wait for your purchase to be delivered to your doorstep.

How iprice is seeing the Qoo10 Online Shopping Mall

Who does not like being able to shop at an online shopping mall? Having to sift through thousands of items and products from the comfort of your home feels abnormally comforting and convenient.

Qoo10 offers everything you can find to buy online on one website. With a series of features that make the website unique, you can certainly have fun while shopping — very much like going to a real shopping mall. Hurry up and grab the latest and best deals and promotions from Qoo10 with its items and products on iprice. Now, click the search box and start shopping!


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