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The best place to find all your fitness products in Malaysia at awesome discounts is definitely MuscleManiaClub. Find out how you can redeem MuscleManiaClub coupons here.

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The best place to find all your fitness products in Malaysia at awesome discounts is definitely MuscleManiaClub. Find out how you can redeem MuscleManiaClub coupons here.

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Holistic Fitness with MuscleManiaClub Coupons in Malaysia

In the world of fitness, athletes need a wide variety of products and services that niche to muscle-building, fat burning, and strength-enhancing. Everything from protein supplements to vitamins, to our shake bottles – all are specifically catered for fitness. But wouldn’t it be awesome if we fitness junkies had one place to shop for all our fitness needs? Thankfully, we do! Enter MuscleManiaClub – A premier fitness hub to get all your essentials. Sporting the biggest brands in the fitness industry, MuscleManiaClub brings premium quality with guaranteed performance in every product and service. Now, with the added advantage of MuscleManiaClub online coupons, you can shop at huge discounts! Find out more with the links below.

MuscleManiaClub and the biggest fitness brands

When it comes to fitness, we know a name means business when the results are positive. MuscleManiaClub Malaysia is associated with the biggest brands in the fitness world, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best. Here are some of MuscleManiaClub’s bestselling brands:

  • Muscletech
  • Blender Bottle
  • Allmax Nutrition
  • Beast Sports Nutrition
  • Cellucor
  • BSN
  • Ronnie Coleman Signature Series
  • Pharma Freak
  • MuscleMaxx

Although these brands are a fraction of the plethora that constitutes MuscleManiaClub’s repertoire, accessing your favourite fitness brands using MuscleManiaClub is a breeze. Everything you need is on the MuscleManiaClub Malaysia online hub.

MuscleManiaClub membership

As with any gym, a membership is required to get premium services in MuscleManiaClub. The easiest way to access membership is to create an account with MuscleManiaClub Malaysia. This can be done by heading to the website. Simply create an account by clicking the link on the top right corner. Enter your username and password and start shopping.

MuscleManiaClub membership allows you to shop for your fitness needs all year around. Products that are purchased will be delivered straight to your doorstep. When choosing a product, you will be given facts and details about the product as soon as you click on the deal link (just in case you aren’t convinced to buy it). This allows you to take your time and decide if you want the product or not.

Promotions online for MuscleManiaClub

Once you’ve created an account with MuscleManiaClub Malaysia, you can check out the promotions on the website or find a coupon page (like this one) to direct you straight to your discounts. MuscleManiaClub promotions mostly come in the form of discounted products. Depending on the season, you may get MuscleManiaClub products up to 50% discounts! On iPrice, you can get coupons and discounts based on the time of the year. In Malaysia, promotions come with the festive seasons such as Christmas or Year End. Take advantage of these sweet deals to shop for fitness products all year round.

How to shop with MuscleManiaClub promos and coupons

Let’s look at some simple steps how you can use MuscleManiaClub promos and coupons using iPrice. Follow these simple steps and you’ll never go back to the traditional shopping method.

  1. Browse iPrice’s MuscleManiaClub coupon and promo choices above.
  2. Choose the promo that you want to use by clicking on the link.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the link, you may need to copy a promo code. Click “copy code” or simply select the promo code and click Ctrl-C on your keyboard. You can then click “Head to store” link. This will direct you to the MuscleManiaClub main website.
  4. Next, create a member’s account with MuscleManiaClub. This will allow you unlimited access to the large selection of fitness brands from all over the world. Click here to find out how to create an account.
  5. Once you’ve created an account, you can start shopping. Find the brands that are associated with the promo that you initially clicked on. Once you’ve discovered the product you want, click “Add to cart” (the red link).
  6. Glance at the top right-hand corner of your webpage and you will see your item in the shopping cart (see illustration below). If you don’t intend to purchase the product, you can always add it to your wishlist for a later purchase.

  1. Feel free to add multiple products to your wishlist before proceeding to checkout. In some cases, you may need multiple purchases to redeem your discounts.
  2. Proceed to Checkout. In the Checkout area, you will be taken through the payment process that is clear and easy to follow. Check your account and billing details, delivery details, payment method and confirm your order.
  3. Key in your promo code, if necessary, into the given box when checking out. And you’re done with purchase. Sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive.

Payment methods and Shipping

MuscleManiaClub prefers online/bank transfers or cash payments. This can be done with 3 different banks. Here are the list of banks and the account numbers:

  1. Public Bank: 3163372825 - Muscle Mania Enterprise
  1. Maybank: 512905508607 - Muscle Mania Enterprise
  1. CIMB: 8600 89 7000 - Muscle Mania Enterprise

Once payment made, text in your Order ID, payment to which bank and transaction reference number to 013-9999779. Do also keep a copy of the receipt to which you have paid.

As for shipping, MuscleMania ships to Singapore and anywhere in Malaysia. You can track your order by accessing the Shipping & Return page on the main website. Do have your order tracking number available at hand for ease of access.

Now you are ready to shop for MuscleManiaClub’s awesome products.