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Get the best deals on phone plans when you sign up with Maxis promotions and coupons. Here at you'll find all you need for your connectivity needs via Maxis. Find out more here.

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Get the best deals on phone plans when you sign up with Maxis promotions and coupons. Here at you'll find all you need for your connectivity needs via Maxis. Find out more here.

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Maxis promotions and coupons for Malaysia

All Malaysians are familiar with the green and blue logo of Maxis. From the creative festival advertisements to the red Hotlink banners, the number one mobile network in Malaysia – Maxis is known for the best coverage and availability throughout the country. It is no wonder that we see most Malaysians prefer Maxis as compared with other network providers. Now with added Maxis promotions, more people are taking to this name. Whether you’re into prepaid or post-paid plans, Maxis has a plan just for you. With a passion to innovate services that are ‘worry-free’ for customers, Maxis connects people not just in Malaysia, but all over the world.

Follow these links to know more about Maxis promotions and coupons:

Maxis history

Maxis is built based on a vision for excellence. As a company, Maxis strives for leadership in everything that it sets out to do. Furthermore, Maxis Malaysia focuses on 3 main core values which are Positive, Passionate and Collaborative. With these 3 core values, Maxis makes its customers top priority. Results over the years have shown that indeed, Maxis is Malaysia’s favourite network provider. Here are some milestones in the Maxis history:

1995 – 1996 – Maxis is founded by Anandha Krishnan and MEASAT I and MEASAT II satellites are launched.

1997 – Maxis introduces mobile information services

1999 – Maxis introduces Hotlink Prepaid and E-billing services

2000 – Launches WAP and subscribers grow by 100%

2003 – Maxis launches first prepaid SMS roaming services

2008 – Maxis is named Mobile Operator of the Year in Malaysia

2011 – Wins Asia Best Employer Brand Award

2012 – Launches the iPhone 5 plans for customers

2013 – Partners with Spotify

2014 – Maxis launches all-in-one Internet plan for businesses

Over all the milestones that Maxis as a company has achieved, user satisfaction is the greatest achievement. And now, with more Maxis promotions and hot deals, you can experience it first-hand. Read more to find out.

The best Maxis plans and promotions for you!

Ask any Maxis user you know and he or she will tell you that Maxis’ coverage is the best in Malaysia. It’s true! Maxis goes wherever you go. Up in the jungles of Pahang – you’ll get coverage. Crossing the border into Singapore – you’ll get reception. Anywhere and everywhere, your line will be strong. Even better, there are promotions and improved plans that Maxis is now coming out with. Here are some of Maxis latest and strongest promotions.

Maxis Zerolution

Zerolution is Maxis’ latest love child that caters to the ultimate smartphone user. With zero upfront cash payment, zero penalties and 0% interest, customers walk away these goodies:

  1. A brand new smartphone
  2. Flexibility to switch between prepaid and post-paid
  3. Financing with no interest and no credit card charges on your monthly instalments
  4. Change your smartphone after 12 months

It’s so simple to use too. Just select your dream smartphone, add a small fee to upgrade it after a year of use (your following 12 months for the phone are waived) and choose a type of insurance coverage for your phone for safety’s sake. You’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear when you change to Maxis Zerolution.

Bill Rebates for Home Fiber

Spread the good news and you and your friends can get awesome rebates. With Maxis Home Fiber plans, you stand to get RM500* off when you recommend friends to sign up. Your friends will get 1 month off their internet bill if they sign up under Maxis Home Fiber plan. This offer is available for a limited time only. Look out for it!

*price subject to availability and terms & conditions

Maxis OnePlus 2

Described as the ‘2016 Flagship Killer’ the OnePlus 2 takes on smartphones to come out on top of the market. Powered by a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core processor and the Adreno 430 GPU the OnePlus is the ultimate smartphone for you. Simple and functional, the OnePlus boasts the OxygenOS as its running platform with no unwanted apps or needless programs. Available in the Maxis Zerolution promotion, this lightweight phone, along with its affordable plan is the ultimate dominator in the smartphone category.

How to use Maxis promotions

Let’s look at how you can get your Maxis promotions via coupons. Here are some simple steps for you to get going:

  1. Jump on to the iprice Maxis coupons page
  2. Look for the Maxis promotion that suits you best.
  3. Click on it, it should direct you to the official Maxis page.
  4. Read the terms and conditions of each promotion that you’re interested in.
  5. Click on the promotion you want and it will take you to the Maxis store.
  6. Enter your details and make the payment.
  7. Wait for your Maxis phone and plan to arrive.

Maxis’ excellent customer service, FAQ and online shopping

Everyone knows that network providers are only as good as the services they give to customers. Thankfully, Maxis has tip-top service when it comes to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and overall customer relations services. Get on to to find out from the FAQ section if you have any enquiries.

Now with the added advantage of online shopping, we can enjoy great savings on Maxis plans. Maxis promotions give the best discounts and savings for your communication needs. Shop online with Maxis coupons and promotions at


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