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Save money, time and effort on services today with Kaodim coupons and promo codes in Malaysia. Dedicated to bringing the best services your way, Kaodim now gives encourages you to save money with coupons. Find out more here.

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Save money, time and effort on services today with Kaodim coupons and promo codes in Malaysia. Dedicated to bringing the best services your way, Kaodim now gives encourages you to save money with coupons. Find out more here.

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Offer As low as RM40
Expiry 31 December 2018
Applicable on Cleaning services
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Offer From RM100
Expiry 31 December 2018
Applicable on aircond service
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Offer Free
Expiry 31 December 2018
Applicable on proposals
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  • Applicable to all Mall & Preferred sellers' products except baby formula, baby food & baby supplements, diapers & potties, tickets & vouchers categories, S-Mart Milo and top-ups
  • Valid for Shopee App checkouts only.
Offer RM10 Off
Expiry 31 December 2018
Minimum spend min. spend of RM100
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Offer RM10 Off
Expiry 31 December 2018
Applicable on Coupon
Customer type Citibank Users
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Top Kaodim Vouchers & Promo codes in Malaysia

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Get Cleaning Services as low as RM40 on Kaodim Malaysia
As low as RM40 31 December 2018
Get Aircond for as low as RM100 | Kaodim Malaysia
From RM100 31 December 2018
Get Service proposals for FREE today
Free 31 December 2018

Kaodim coupons in Malaysia

The Chinese slang for the word “Kao Dim” means “Done” or “Can be done!” In today’s world, we love to hear those words come out of someone’s mouth when we ask for a favour. Those iconic words are now a household phrase when looking out for services in everyday life.

Kaodim – the name of the company that helps you get the service you need in the shortest time possible at the lowest prices, is here in Malaysia. Kaodim coupons and promo codes give you discounted prices on services for home, events, health & fitness, office, lessons and automotive & transport. No more do you need to search the world to find the right services. Simply hop online and checkoutKaodim coupons and promo codes to get the best service.

A little bit about Kaodim services

Today, Kaodim is well-known as the best service-finding company in the Malaysian region. Founded by Choong Fui-Yu, the company is still a moderate size. Aimed at creating awareness of the most efficient and user-friendly services in the region, Kaodim creates a safe space for you to browse through local companies to get your services. Whether it is to find a mechanic or to find a gardener, Kaodim’s long list of professionals in the industry will connect you to the right people.

Kaodim types of services

Let’s look at some of Kaodim’s types of services in Malaysia today. The six main types of categories that Kaodim specializes in are home, events, health & fitness, office, lessons and automotive & transport. More specifically, here are some of the most popular categories in each area:


  • Cleaning
  • Plumber
  • Lighting & wiring
  • Home repair & maintenance
  • Interior Design
  • Air condition
  • Pest control
  • Movers & relocators
  • Catering, cakes & cookies
  • Computer, laptop & phone
  • Appliance service & repair


  • Catering, cakes & cookies
  • Office events & space rental
  • Entertainment & events
  • Photographers & videographers
  • Wedding services


  • Office maintenance
  • Office events & space rental
  • Hardware/software support
  • Professional & freelance services
  • Office movers & relocators

Automotive & transport

  • Movers & relocators
  • Car repair & maintenance services

Health & fitness

  • Rehabilitation & wellness
  • Fitness & personal training
  • Healthy food & beverage


  • Language lessons
  • Professional lessons
  • Lifestyle & hobby lessons

Albeit the long list of services provided, Kaodim simplifies your search online via their website.

How to use Kaodim services

You might be wondering how to best use Kaodim services. For starters, there’s a few ways you could go about it. Firstly, you can get a quotation on the service you need. You don’t have to pay anything when receiving the quote. Simply sign in to Kaodim and use the search bar to request the cheapest quotes in town. If you are not keen in finding a quote, you can apply straight to find a service. From the list mentioned above, you have a huge variety. You will need to sign in via the main website and carry on from there.

Kaodim coupons give you more discounts!

Now that you know how Kaodim services work, it’s time to get some knowledge on what type of coupons and promo codes you can get from Kaodim in Malaysia. Here are some examples of Kaodim coupons you can get:

  • RM20 off ALL Services for MYCyberSale
  • Kaodim promo Get up to RM35 off via code
  • Kaodim Hari Raya promo enjoy RM25 discount via code

How to use Kaodim coupons on iprice

Coupons are great and all, but it’s important to find out the right way to use online promos so you can save big bucks. This is also to protect the customer – you. We at iprice have a drafted a few steps to redeem your discounts on Kaodim services. Follow these simple steps to get your awesome discounts:

  1. Get on the ipriceKaodim coupon page.
  2. Select the coupon you intend to use. You will then be directed to the Kaodim homepage
  3. If you haven’t created an account, do so and continue on to sign in.
  4. Take your time and look for the specific service you need.
  5. Once you have found the service, request for a free quotation.
  6. If you are satisfied with the quotation, go ahead and make a booking using your coupon code to get the service.
  7. Be sure to enter your details and do ensure all your personal details as well as availability are keyed in.
  8. Take note of company in charge of the service and record all their details such as phone numbers and email.
  9. Make your payment and await your service.

Payments can be made via credit card to the service providers.

Get the best from Kaodim with coupons on iprice

Now that you know more about Kaodim coupons and promos online, it’s time you get going on shopping for your much-needed services. Find the best coupons on iprice and save big bucks. Using coupons also saves you time and energy of moving around looking for the right service. You can’t go wrong with Kaodim coupons.