Groupon Vouchers & Coupon Codes in Malaysia 2018

Groupon is Fave now. Get promo codes & coupons here.

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Groupon is Fave now. Get promo codes & coupons here.

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Offer 90% Off
Expiry 31 December 2018
Customer type Selected items only
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  • Applicable to all Mall & Preferred sellers' products except baby formula, baby food & baby supplements, diapers & potties, tickets & vouchers categories, S-Mart Milo and top-ups
  • Valid for Shopee App checkouts only.
Offer RM10 Off
Expiry 31 December 2018
Minimum spend min. spend of RM100
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Offer 30% Cashback
Expiry 31 March 2019
Customer type HSBC Cardholder
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The Best Online Coupons and Promotions with Groupon

Groupon’s Incredible Deals and Promotions in Malaysia

Are you looking for cheaper alternatives to products, food and beverage, or any other services? If the answer is “yes”, then look no further. One online store has thousands of the best promotions, discounts and coupons for you to enjoy. Groupon is proud to bring you a variety of consumer-related products, packages and services that help you save money while enhancing your lifestyle. With a mission to connect local commerce and increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery, Groupon deals are irresistible. Find the perfect Groupon promo code and be on your way to an exquisite shopping experience.

Pamper yourself with Groupon discount coupons

The relationship most people have with shopping is a “love-hate” relationship. While scouting for products and services is pleasurable, paying for them may be painful. Nevertheless, people need to shop to provide for themselves. Thankfully, Groupon has thought of the alternative to paying huge sums when shopping. Using online shopping, Groupon has made shopping for food, beauty, leisure, healthcare, learning, fashion and home and living readily accessible for all. The concept of paying less for a service or product encourages shoppers to use said facilities more often. Leveraging on the concept of group-buying, Groupon offers the best deals with discounts over 80% of the original price. As a by-product of this awesome convenience, Groupon helps the economy by encouraging careful spending while promoting brands and services. Saving on holidays, food, leisure, work and fashion has never been easier!

Groupon’s popular categories


In Malaysia, Groupon vouchers are popular in a number of categories. In particular, food and beverage deals come in handy in Malaysia. With a culture revolving around food, drink and fellowship, Malaysia is now blessed with option of discount coupons to lessen the cost of a potentially large meal.

Countless festive seasons provide the perfect backdrop to use food coupons. Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Christmas, Merdeka Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s, and an array of public holidays bring people of all races and background together in one spirit. For Muslims, there’s a wide variety of Halal food. Dining preferences can be chosen based on the variety given. Whether seafood, Western, local or fast food, Japanese food or any other type of food, you’ll find a Groupon that you will like.


Another popular Groupon category with good reviews is the Getaways category. Malaysians love to travel. Unfortunately, travel costs can be incredibly high as the Ringgit Malaysia (RM) currency may have a lower value than certain countries. Thankfully, we can save on travel costs via Groupon travel discounts and packages. You’ll find countless local deals to exotic tourist places. On the other hand, choose to visit world landmarks or the Seven Wonders of the World by purchasing Groupon vouchers for these places at a fraction of the cost.


Besides food and getaways, Groupon also provides discount coupons for services in Malaysia such as hair and beauty treatments, car wash and detailing services, gym and fitness trials and many more.

How do I access Groupon?

The beauty of Groupon is; the higher usage of the same discount coupon, the bigger the discount. Consequently, many websites feature Groupon advertisements for the best and most current deals. To access Groupon, you can head straight to the official website or you could just simply scroll back up to choose from the list of Groupon coupons

Steps to obtain the best Groupon promotions:

  1. Look through Groupon’s deals. Follow the given categories if you’re not sure where to start. Look out for the Groupon deal of the day.
  2. Find your favourite discount coupon.
  3. Read through the description of the coupon, fine-print, terms and conditions to make sure you do not miss anything.
  4. Take note of the date, time, location, and payment method to redeem the coupon. If a particular date is required, book ahead and jot it down in your calendar.
  5. Proceed to payment. If you have registered using your email, key in your payment details and proceed to checkout. If you are a new user, key in your personal details such as name, email etc. in the given columns and proceed to checkout. Payments can be made using debit or credit card.
  6. Once purchased, you will receive email confirmation of the purchase. You have the option of inviting friends to purchase the same coupon. If they do, you will get RM10 off your next purchase.
  7. Print out your voucher or discount coupon as proof. You could also take a screen shot on your mobile phone for proof of purchase.
  8. Enjoy your discounts!

Grouping Groupon: The best deal you can ever make!

You can never part online shopping with online discount coupons! They are inseparable!

Groupon offers tons of deals! Thanks to lots of deals that have large selections of products and services to choose from, you always end up being spoiled for choice.

For Groupon, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the best deal unlike any other in the market yet!