Godaddy Promo Codes & Coupons in Malaysia 2019

Wanting to create your website but don't know how to? GoDaddy in Malaysia has just the right solution for you! Get the best promo codes and coupons by learning more about it here!

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Wanting to create your website but don't know how to? GoDaddy in Malaysia has just the right solution for you! Get the best promo codes and coupons by learning more about it here!

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Create your domain with GoDaddy in Malaysia

About GoDaddy Malaysia

GoDaddy is universally recognized selling domain names, but it is worth noting that the company is the largest provider of hosting services as well as SSL-certificates which allow to conduct business on the Internet. It is also the world's largest domain name registrar. GoDaddy Group supports more than 33 million domain names in the domain of the largest areas of the first level including COM, ORG, NET, BIZ, INFO. And company registers domains in 63 zones. In addition to the registration of domain zones, the company also specializes in providing other services related to the support of websites on the Internet, hosting, designers of webpages, anti-phishing tools, and domain auction. Godaddy offers comprehensive solutions related to domains, site builder, solutions for e-commerce, hosting and SSL certificates also the company serves more than 54 million domains and most of the domains have an SSL certificate. Godaddy has more than 650 developers and 3,300 employees. The development of GoDaddy took a long time where it originated in 1997 when an entrepreneur named Bob Parsons founded the company Jomax Technologies. In 2000, after the re-branding of the company, it got the name GoDaddy and began to engage in the registration of domain names at a price which is much lower than the market rate. At this point, the American corporation serves more than million websites around the world thanks to 35,000 servers. The amount of information stored on the device exceeds 23 petabytes, every day the system handles about 350 million emails. GoDaddy became a registrar who and started to offer customers high-quality web hosting services. Clients who are interested in building their site can look over economy, grand and premium bundles with access to formats, email records, advertising instruments.

Why you should choose GoDaddy

Godaddy Technical support - directly resolves all issues

Support is available via phone, ticket system and e-mail or Livechat. The company has the best customer support service and it is available 24 hours 7 days a week.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates

The company GoDaddy is one of the leaders of SSL certificates in terms of sale as well as various financial institutions around the world. Many banks and electronic stores use GoDaddy certificates which is selected for their reliability (at the level of other certification centers) and availability. There are cases where the customer is not ready to open a certificate WHOIS data or their own domain, for example, telephone numbers are almost impossible to obtain any certificate for a resource where there are financial transactions. In this case, they may be tested through other ways such as though email notification, creating a simple page on the site with the code for verification, and by adding TXT records on NS for the domain. Each session, which uses SSL-encryption, requires proof of status protocol OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol), which allows you to verify the validity of the certificate. GoDaddy serves more than 1 billion OCSP-queries every day. This figure continues to grow because of the increased concern of data privacy in social networks. Data encryption is already being used by Twitter and Facebook.

Stability of GoDaddy

Over two years, GoDaddy hosting has the largest uptime with the percentage of 99.99%. Besides that, it keeps excellent stability load. Trying to carry that sites that give more stress on other hosting and administrators threatened to cut off sites because of the load. With GoDaddy, these sites are able to operate smoothly without any problems. The most important aspects of GoDaddy is stability, power, and price. Your site will always be available for visitors and search engines and it is very affordable.

How to make a purchase from GoDaddy with coupons

1. Depending on your needs, you can choose from domains, websites, hosting, web security, online marketing, and email & office. If you are on a budget, you can click the promo button.
2. For the web hosting plan, you have the option to choose starter, economy, deluxe, and ultimate.
3. Once you have selected a choice, you can simply add to cart.
4. Add the checkout page, key in your promotional code and click apply.
5. You can proceed to checkout after that.

How to set up your account

1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
2. Click “Web Hosting”.
3. Next to the hosting account you want to use, click “Manage”.
4. Select or enter the domain name you want to use.
5. Click “Upload your Site”.
6. If your domain name isn’t currently registered here, select your transfer option.
7. If your domain name isn’t pointed toward our DNS servers, resolve the issues or skip this step.

Payment options

Choose between credit cards, eWallets and GoDaddy’s payment options. For credit cards they offer Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Union Pay, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. As for eWallets, PayPal and Skrill is accepted. The other payment options are ISC, GoDaddy gift cards, and Good as Gold.