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Shop for huge discounts on every purchase with Go Shop. Offering you every type of product you could think of, Go Shop is tailor-made to suit Malaysians’ preferences. Find out more about Go Shop coupons here.

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Shop for huge discounts on every purchase with Go Shop. Offering you every type of product you could think of, Go Shop is tailor-made to suit Malaysians’ preferences. Find out more about Go Shop coupons here.

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Go Shop coupons in Malaysia for All your Needs

Shopping online is super fun. But what’s more fun is the ability to get everything in one shopping experience. The name that gives you that experience is none other than Go Shop. Go Shop is Malaysia’s flagship online shopping website that gives you thousands of options for all your needs (and wants). But it gets better! Go Shop gives you coupons that help you save incredible amounts of money on top of giving you insights into the best deal packages available online. Let’s look further at how you could save more money with Go Shop coupons.

Why you need to shop using Go Shop

Before you know how to use Go Shop coupons, you should know what makes Go Shop so awesome as not only an amazing online shopping portal but an irresistible experience. Here are some reasons you need to know:

A huge variety

We cannot stress this more – when shopping online, variety is one of the biggest reasons why we choose a certain name. This is what makes Go Shop first and foremost the best website to shop with. Among the categories of Go Shop that you can find online are these:

  • Digital – smartphones, laptops, gadgets etc.
  • Appliances – rice cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators etc.
  • Living – sofas, lamps, tables etc.
  • Sports and leisure – jerseys, rackets, football, etc.
  • Kids & Babies – cots, car seats, baby rockers, prams etc.
  • Fashion – sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, slacks, traditional clothing, hoodies, underwear, etc.

As seen on

Go Shop has customized products for you with the “As Seen On..” category. This category makes it simple and easy to find exactly what you need as it gives you a huge line-up of products that are shown on TV (Channels 118 and 303 on Astro). Watch them on TV along with the best ways to use them and get online to shop for them. It’s so simple!

E-Gift Card

Probably the best thing about Go Shop is the ability to use the E-Gift car. Much like all the other gift cards and physical vouchers, you buy gift cards for Go Shop. The only difference is that they are E-Gift Cards. These bad boys allow you to invest your money in an online form to be used at a later period of time to purchase what you want. As to why they are called “Gift cards”, they can be given to your friends or family as a present or simply as a love gift of appreciation.

Promo codes

Ultimately we want discounts. Discounts on Go Shop come in the form of promo codes. Go Shop promo codes are dope! With a simple copy-paste method, you can redeem amazing rebates on products with a limited amount of purchase. The limit on expenditure may vary depending on the season, but every promo code is worth taking a look. Here are some promo codes and discounts you can get on iPrice:

  • Spend min. RM200 & enjoy 10% off your next purchase without coupon
  • Get discount up to 45% off Home & Living products

How to use Go Shop promo codes

Follow these easy steps to enjoy great discounts through Go Shop coupons and Go Shop discounts vouchers.

  1. Find your favourite Go Shop discount or Go Shop coupon through Hanger.com.
  2. Click on the coupon and you will see a coupon code. Copy (Ctrl + C) the code to be pasted (Ctrl + V) later in the column at checkout. If there is no code to copy, proceed to the product page.
  3. Choose your favourite product, service or package.
  4. Double check the details of your chosen coupon and read the fine print.
  5. Take note of the time, place, cost and method of redeeming your coupon.
  6. Create an account through Go Shop and fill in your correct details. Payments can be made through credit card or debit card so confirm your payment method.
  7. Add to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  8. Purchase the product or service.
  9. Enjoy your Go Shop discount!

Other important details

Many a time when making online purchases and so on, we may run into some minor issues. In the event you do, you could always contact Go Shop via these avenues:

Email: wecare@goshop.com.my

Phone: 1800-82-0088 (TOLL FREE / 24 Hours Daily)

Office Address:

Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (1081077-X)
Astro All Asia Broadcast Centre,
Technology Park Malaysia,
Lebuhraya Puchong-Sungai Besi,
Bukit Jalil, 57000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia