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Possessing an impressive selection of products from around the world, ezbuy is eager to bring these products to your doorstep with its hassle-free shopping experience. Read more about ezbuy Malaysia below to find out.

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Enjoy Free Shipping with orders above RM75 on fashion collection
Free Shipping
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Enjoy Free Shipping with orders above RM75 on fashion collection

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Ezbuy Coupons & Discount Codes Coupon Terms
Expiry22 May 2017
OfferFree Shipping
Applicable onfashion
Minimum spendorders above RM75
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Don't miss the Flash Sale for discount up to 90% off
Flash Sale
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Don't miss the Flash Sale for discount up to 90% off

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Ezbuy Coupons & Discount Codes Coupon Terms
Expiry28 Feb 2017
OfferFlash Sale
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Buy clothes for under RM15 now
Below RM15
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Buy clothes for under RM15 now

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Ezbuy Coupons & Discount Codes Coupon Terms
Expiry19 Feb 2017
OfferBelow RM15
Applicable onfashion
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ezbuy Malaysia Coupons & Discount Codes – Buy the World for You

How ezbuy Emerges as a Prominent Online Shopping Destination

Established as early as 2010, ezbuy eventually grows into one of the largest online shopping platforms in the market. Growing from strength to strength, ezbuy is led by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs who believe in the potential future of online shopping. Needless to say, their faith in ezbuy has been proven to be well-placed when ezbuy emerges to be a shopping icon. Not just that, ezbuy is recognized by many customers because it delivers such an amazing shopping experience.

Unsurprisingly, ezbuy has become more popular than ever as it is being featured on Channel 8 News, Channel U Money Week, Straits Times, 65daigou and other media outlets. Thanks to its successes, ezbuy is able to expand into many key areas. At the same time, it always upgrades its service and capabilities so that every shopper can have an awesome time during shopping. Another reason that makes ezbuy to be one of the most successful online shopping destination is that it is able to discern and do localization when it is necessary. As a result, ezbuy has managed to offer the right products for the right crowd.

Currently, ezbuy is proud to say that it provides shopping service from China, Taiwan, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and others. To this day, ezbuy continues to attract shoppers from around the world because they can always get the right deal at all times. As a matter of fact, ezbuy is not joking when it boasts its slogan, "Buy the World for You". This shows that ezbuy always exhibits the things that you want to get.

Easy Come. Easy Go.

Aptly named, ezbuy is all about creating an easy shopping experience. In other words, ezbuy makes sure that your shopping can go as smoothly as planned. When it comes to shopping, ezbuy is one of the top places in the realm of Internet. Its dedicated team has been very active to look out for unique products that cannot be found elsewhere.

Excellent Service

As mentioned earlier, ezbuy places high priority on providing the best services. Whether it is about shopping or customer service, you can trust ezbuy on these matters. Moreover, ezbuy takes great pride in bringing the much-needed changes to online shopping world. Its dedicated team spends every time and effort so that the shoppers can enjoy shopping without much trouble at all. Even if there is a problem or other issues, the helpful folks from ezbuy will make quick arrangement to address the problem as soon as possible.

Bringing Your Favorite Products to Your Doorstep

Aside from helping you to shop for your favorite products, ezbuy ensures that your order can be delivered in no time. This is because ezbuy enjoys an exclusive partnership with other courier services. Thanks to such awesome arrangement, you will have no problem of getting your orders to be delivered in the right time!

Get Your Exclusive ezbuy Malaysia Coupons & Discount Codes

On this ezbuy coupon page, you can find a lot of amazing ezbuy coupons that you cannot find elsewhere. In fact, some of these coupons can only be found exclusively at iPrice. At the same time, you should take a look around and read about their short descriptions so that you know how they work.

  • When you have found the ezbuy coupon that catches your interest, you just need to click on either "Get This Offer" or "Get Coupon Code" button.
  • If you see "Get Coupon Code" button, it shows that this ezbuy coupon contains the coupon code.
  • After clicking, you will notice that there will be a pop-up screen which shows you the direct link to the main site of ezbuy. Click on to proceed.
  • Before leaving to go to ezbuy, please make sure that you have copied the coupon code (if applicable).

Experience Seamless Shopping Experience with ezbuy Malaysia

The main site of ezbuy is always full of exciting deals and promotions. In fact, you will be thrilled to discover that it always offers the freshest deals in town.

  1. As you are browsing through its categories, you can look for the product that catches your interest.
  2. Once you have found it, simply click on it so that you can read more about it.
  3. At the same time, you can have a closer look of it before finally deciding to buy it.
  4. When you have decided to buy the product, click Add to Cart to include it in your order.
  5. After that, a small pop-up screen will appear and you can choose to view your shopping cart or continue your shopping.
  6. If you want to make payment, click View Shopping Cart and you will be asked to log in with your ezbuy account or Google Plus or Facebook. Otherwise, you can register for a new account.
  7. Next, you can take a look at your order before making payment.
  8. At the same time, you can paste your coupon code if you have one.
  9. Then, proceed to pay by submitting your debit/credit card details.
  10. After going through the verification process, you will receive a notification that your payment is now successful.
  11. Finally, you can enjoy getting the product that you want from ezbuy.
  12. Congratulations!

Other Useful Information that You Should Know

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them to ezbuy. The dedicated team from ezbuy will try their best to answer in no time. You can contact them via:



Monday – Friday - 10:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm

Sunday & Public Holidays - Closed



Help Desk/Live Chat

In the main site of ezbuy, you can always choose to utilize its useful Help Desk. You can click on this blue bubble that is located at the bottom right of the site. After that, enter your question or request on it. Click magnifying glass icon in order to search for the answer. If there is no answer available, you click Live Chat on the same location so that you can communicate in real-time so that problem can be solved as quick as possible.

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