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Put your best foot forward with the hottest fashion items from Christy Ng! Enjoy a wide selection of items from bags, shoes, clothing and accessories, plus get amazing deals with Christy Ng coupons! To know more about how you can save up on your online shopping spree, click here.

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Put your best foot forward with the hottest fashion items from Christy Ng! Enjoy a wide selection of items from bags, shoes, clothing and accessories, plus get amazing deals with Christy Ng coupons! To know more about how you can save up on your online shopping spree, click here.

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Enjoy the Biggest Discounts on Bags, Shoes, and other Fashion Items with Christy Ng Coupons!

With a penchant for providing comfortable and fashionable footwear for men and women, Christy Ng gives its customers the opportunity to design their own pair. The brand specializes in custom-made footwear but has expanded their ventures to other fashion items such as bags, accessories, and clothing. Christy Ng is a trusted name in the online fashion industry with their handmade items, imbued with excellent craftsmanship and quality materials for long-lasting use.

About Christy Ng Online Shop Malaysia

Christy Ng started out as an online soe company which specializes in made-to-order fashion footwear for women. Since big brands today focus more on the design than comfort, Christy Ng saw the opportunity to create a shoe brand that would cater more to a shoe’s comfort factor. The idea was to create footwear that would easily fit the wearer. This idea has become a driving force and a mission for the brand: to provide excellent quality footwear that would suit your size. From heels, flats, to straps and covered, Christy Ng gives you the opportunity to design your own shoe to better fit your size, outfit, and personality.

Christy Ng Customized items

Through their online shop, Christy Ng is able to receive orders from different clients across Southeast Asia with tons of different purchases, including their customized items. Shoes and bags are among the brand’s best sellers when it comes to customized items. Among their best selling items in this category include bags and shoes. To make each item more gorgeous and durable, Christy Ng sources their raw materials internationally to ensure that each product meets the desired standards. Even down to the smallest detail, Christy Ng ensures the finest quality materials to guarantee the best outcome for your purchase.

Shopping with Christy Ng

Shopping with Christy Ng is fun, easy, hassle-free, and safe. You can easily browse for available items for both men and women. Have fun customizing your own shoes with enticing designs from flats to heels and experiment on several materials that would make your shoe unique. Speaking of footwear, Christy Ng creates 4 shoe designs every week, giving you plenty of options when shopping for your favorite items online. On top of that, Christy Ng also has the biggest deals and discounts when you shop online with various coupons available at iprice!

Shipping and delivery

Shipping and delivery is also a breeze with Christy Ng. Wherever you may be in Southeast Asia, or around the world! The brand guarantees expedited shipping within 2-3 business days via FedEx International priority with shipping fees calculated upon checkout. If you are within Malaysia, you can take advantage of the free shipping from Christy Ng!

Payment options

To ease your worries about payment, Christy Ng ensures secure banking and credit card transactions. The company accepts all methods of payment and major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard. On top of that, Christy Ng also offers as much as 20% discount to all customers who pay via PayPal.

How to Redeem Coupons from Christy Ng

Shopping for your favorite items is fun and exciting! Make the most out of your online shopping experience with tons of discounts from Christy Ng! In three (3) easy steps, you can redeem your coupons and get the hottest deals online!

  1. Go to the Christy Ng coupon store page or simply scroll up to view the latest deals available online.
  2. Choose from a selection of coupons available and click on the Get this Offer button; copy the coupon code and save it for later. There are also discounts which do not require a coupon code. If so, then proceed shopping as usual.
  3. After shopping for your favorite items from Christy Ng, you can immediately checkout for your items. You can get discounts upon confirmation by pasting the coupon code from step two and pasting it on the discount code box.

What’s better than getting the best items online? You get the hottest fashion items from Christy Ng, and get discounts for every purchase!

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