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Whenever you go, you can always trust Celcom to connect you with the latest telecommunication services. Read more about Celcom Malaysia below to find out.

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Whenever you go, you can always trust Celcom to connect you with the latest telecommunication services. Read more about Celcom Malaysia below to find out.

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Celcom Malaysia Coupons & Discount Codes - Communicate with Confidence

About Celcom – Connecting You with the Latest Lifestyle

In the beginning, Celcom was originated from a company that was known as STM Cellular Communications in 1988. In fact, Celcom was founded under this company. Interestingly, this company had the Fleet Group and Telekom Malaysia as its shareholders. Later, Telekom Malaysia decided to sell its 51% shareholding to TRI group. Subsequently, the Fleet Group's share was transferred to Time Engineering Group. Eventually, the share was sold to TRI. During its early years, Celcom has entered into an age of unprecedented growth and strength.

During the opening up of the cellular phone market in 1995, Celcom managed to upgrade to the GSM900 service. After that, Celcom rapidly emerged to become the largest mobile service provider in Malaysia. While there were new players in the market, Celcom still retained its dominance in the field. Moreover, Celcom continued to grow from strength to strength as it expanded eagerly like never before. However, Celcom has been merged with TM Touch after Telekom Malaysia took over due to its owner's debt.

Despite this, Celcom enjoyed a greater level of growth as it introduced the latest technology and innovation to the telecommunication network. Employing the newest network whenever it is possible, Celcom is poised to build a stronger and more stable network so that its subscribers are able to enjoy it wherever they are. To this end, Celcom has been to be very successful as it spends a lot of time and effort into making inroads even in the far-flung rural areas.

More Reasons for You to Choose Celcom

Widest & Extensive

It is not a surprise that Celcom possesses the widest and most extensive coverage in the entire nation since it is the oldest telecommunications company. As a matter of fact, Celcom is very active when it comes to upgrading its own infrastructure whenever it is possible. Equipped with the latest technology, Celcom makes it possible for you to enjoy the best of digital experience wherever you are. In other words, you will not face a situation where you are unable to enjoy Celcom's services. Most importantly, it is all about communicating with confidence and Celcom emphasizes this in all of its services.

Answer & Solution

Owing to its long experience of managing telecommunications, Celcom certainly knows how to solve various problems in its network. Even if there is a problem, Celcom will not hesitate to spend more time and effort into solving the problem. This is because Celcom stresses the importance of building bridges between itself and the customers. In addition, Celcom continues to value every feedback highly because it is the decisive answer to solve any problems.

True Pioneer

As the oldest mobile telecommunication provider in Malaysia, Celcom is a proud pioneer that brings much-needed innovation to the telecommunication infrastructure. From time to time, Celcom always introduces the newest technology which will elevate your mobile experience to the next level. In fact, Celcom continues to invest in newer features that will transform your lifestyle like never before.

Enjoy Your Exclusive Celcom Coupons & Discount Codes

There are tons of amazing Celcom coupons that you can find on this Celcom coupon page. All you need to do is to look around for the one that suits you. At the same time, you should read about their descriptions so that you can understand how they work.

  1. Once you have found the one that catches your interest, just click on either "Get This Offer" or "Get Coupon Code" button.
  2. If the Celcom coupon contains the coupon code, it will be shown by the "Get Coupon Code" button.
  3. After clicking the button, there will be a pop-up screen which shows you the direct link to official store of Celcom.
  4. Before going to the main site of Celcom, please remember to copy the coupon code (if applicable).

How to Use Celcom Coupons

  1. Once you have reached the main site of Celcom, take a look around at various exciting deals there.
  2. If you have a Celcom account, you can sign in first on the site.
  3. Otherwise, you should sign up for an account.
  4. As you browse through Celcom promotions and deals, you should look for the one that matches with your Celcom coupon.
  5. Before proceeding to get your Celcom promotion, it is important to read the terms and conditions of it.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your chosen Celcom promotion, you should register and apply for the Celcom promotion.
  7. It must be noted that some Celcom promotions require you to come to the physical store of Celcom in order to complete the process.
  8. As for the Celcom promotions that can be completed online, you can make payment on the site since Celcom accepts debit/credit card.
  9. After going through the verification process, your transaction is now completed.
  10. You will receive a notification that your payment has been accepted.
  11. Celcom will give you the receipt for your successful payment.
  12. Congratulations! Now, you can enjoy the power of Celcom in your life!

Other Useful Information that You should Know

Contact Information

If you have any questions or seeking clarifications, you can always submit them to friendly people from Celcom. You can contact them via:

Phone :

019-601 1111

You can call 1111 if you are using a Celcom number.

If you are abroad, you can call this number: +6019-601 1111

Online Customer Service

Alternatively, you can utilize the Online Customer Service that is located on the top right of the Celcom's main site. Please make sure that you have a Celcom account in order to use this service. Otherwise, you can always sign up for a new account.