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An alternative to travelling by air is to travel on land with BusOnlineTicket.com in Malaysia. Travel to your next destination by bus and book on BusOnlineTicket.com with the best offers, promotions, and coupon codes. Click here and read more about BusOnlineTicket.com!

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An alternative to travelling by air is to travel on land with BusOnlineTicket.com in Malaysia. Travel to your next destination by bus and book on BusOnlineTicket.com with the best offers, promotions, and coupon codes. Click here and read more about BusOnlineTicket.com!

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Offer 6% Off
Expiry 30 April 2019
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Customer type UOB users
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Offer S$54 Only
Expiry 31 December 2018
Customer type 2-Way Bus ticket + 1 ticket to Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark
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Offer 10% Off
Expiry 31 December 2018
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Customer type HSBC users
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Offer As low as RM17
Expiry 07 October 2018
Customer type Train ticket
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Expiry 30 September 2018
Customer type Selected destination
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BusOnlineTicket.com: Offering ease and convenience for every traveler!

About BusOnlineTicket.com Malaysia

Despite the known problems of getting a reliable method of getting bus or train tickets via online, no one has been stepping up to provide a real solution to address this pressing problem because there is simply nothing to gain from it. Even in this age of information technology, it is still surprising to see many bus or train companies still operate with just pen and paper. Not only such reliance is plagued with fraud and misrepresentation, but also it is still unreliable as the pricing and charging of a ticket may be done on a whim or nonchalantly as if there is no clear pricing policy to begin with.

Recognising the need to change, a group of four Malaysians, Bong Yong Chuen, Chong Kok Chuin, Winston Wong and Yee Hon Ve have banded together to establish a startup to provide an online platform that provides the convenient and comfortable means of getting bus or train tickets for Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand routes. Initially targeting students, migrant workers and tourists, BusOnlineTicket.com has grown so big that it is able to cater for those that need to travel frequently especially business people.

Despite breaking even in its second year and making a profit in the following year, BusOnlineTicket.com faces many challenges that can destroy the budding startup right up. Due to the absence of stronger funding and backing, BusOnlineTicket.com has to take a cautious but slower approach in expanding its scale of operations. This proves to be a mixed blessing because BusOnlineTicket.com eventually learns and appreciates the feedbacks, criticisms, and comments from bus or train operators as it will be mindful and treats its participating operators with more tact and better understanding; such two-way communication eventually leads to better services and deals for BusOnlineTicket.com customers to enjoy. With the success of BusOnlineTicket.com, users can now enjoy better pricing especially in terms of ticket pricing and also able to purchase them literally on-the-go effortlessly.

Reasons to use BusOnlineTicket

Accommodate to every travelersneeds

When it comes to buying bus or train tickets, a lot of folks always have problems with it because many operators or companies simply did not provide enough satisfactory service and attention especially in customer service and payment process via online. This is especially true when their websites often have problems of providing proper information about routes, processing payment in a timely manner and even engaging in "real" communication. Such problems have become so frustrating and troublesome that more people prefer to purchase their ticket by going through a long and arduous queue as it is still seen as reliable and trusted. (What can go wrong when you buy directly via face to face contact?) However, you will waste valuable time and effort as you have to go through long lines of waiting.

Thanks to the emergence of smartphone technology and its applications, the task of getting your own bus or train ticket has become much simpler than ever since you just need to download a particular app (usually linked to that operator or company) and get your ticket from there. What if there is a better app that allows you to compare and select any bus or ticket fare and you can buy them on the spot without having to make phone calls or queuing? Presenting BusOnlineTicket.com, your trusted one stop online bus & train tickets booking portal!

Offers various packages

Besides getting your tickets in one of the most convenient ways possible, you also get to compare travelling fares between different operators and companies in order to get more solid travel package and save even more money! In addition, you will be pleased to know that aside from usual bus or train fares, BusOnlineTicket.com also lists several great packages (especially ferry trips, tours, hotels, favourite tourist spots and more). Moreover, more routes will be opened as BusTicketOnline.com is expanding like never before.

How you can use book a ticket with BusOnlineTicket.com

Once you have heard of the easy way to get your tickets to your preferred destination through BusOnlineTicket.com, This is a brief description of how you can use your coupon in BusOnlineTicket to save even more money and time! Read and follow these simple steps below:

1. Head to the official BusOnlineTicket.com website.
2. Fill in the 'Depart From', 'Arrive To', 'Pax', 'Departure Date', and 'Return Date' (optional). Once that is done, you may click the 'Search Now' button.
3. Select your preferred bus based on the pickup/dropoff location, coach type, and price. You can choose your seats after that.
4. Key in your details such as full name, mobile number, passport number, and email address.
5. Select your preferred payment and click the "Proceed to Payment" button to complete your purchase.

BusOnlineTicket.com mobile app

Available on both Android and Apple devices, the new BusOnlineTicket mobile app offers solutions to make booking easier through various mobile devices. Booking a bus ticket has never been easier with BusOnlineTicket where various payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal are offered.