It’s time for that major wardrobe overhaul! Revamp and restyle your whole wardrobe today with Cotton On and their exciting products! The brand has everything you need for a brand new transformation, from beautiful tops, classy shirts, durable workout outfit to modern home decors and elegant shoes. Check out the best fashion items from Cotton On in Malaysia or read more about the brand below.

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Reasons to Love Cotton On Malaysia

Perhaps one of the best and most-recognized fashion brands today, Cotton On has provided fashionistas with the hottest trends since the 80s and emerging again in the 90s. This Aussie brand has been well-received in Malaysia for their good quality fashion items and street-style looks. Below are reasons why you should always choose Cotton On for your fashion needs.

Fashion at the Most Affordable Price

One of the best reasons why you should always choose Cotton On is its flexible price range. The brand is known for its affordable, ready-to-wear fashion, whether you're looking for tops, bottoms, dresses, bags, shoes, and accessories. Good news for fashionistas who are always looking for deals, sales, and discounts! With their economical price tag, Cotton On makes it easier for everyone to get access to top-notch trends worn by celebrities in and out of Hollywood. And, speaking of celebrities…

Cotton On and the Stars

If you have been an avid follower of everything fashion, you would know that the fashion industry can’t stop talking about Kendell Jenner and Gigi Hadid, everyone’s latest fashion muses. It doesn't matter if they are lounging around in their sweaties or bringing back the 90s fashion with the choker, everyone, let us repeat, everyone is obsessed with them. So when they opt for something way that is not designer logo laden, the whole world stopped and rejoiced!

Although Cotton On has been pleasing just us with their on-trend fashion items that are friendly to the wallet for the past 25 years, the brand has also gained the attention of Miss Hadid and Miss Jenner. These besties beauties were seen in a high-neck grey knit top (Kendell Jenner) and a grey midi dress (Gigi Hadid) to a Chanel fitting (okay, we are so not freaking out here because it’s just Channel). Gigi rocked her midi dress with a mirrored sunglasses, a cross body bag and ankle booties, a total million dollar look. Some of the other Hollywood names that are also a faithful follower of Cotton On are Alessandra Ambrosio, Bella Hadid and Jamie Chung.

The Cotton On Style

Another reason why you should always choose Cotton On is their exquisite casual style that you can't find in any other brand. If you want your next #OOTD to feature a casual top or some comfortable jeans, Cotton On can take care of all your fashion needs. Their wide selection of fashion items lets you choose your own style. Moreover, Cotton On is not limited to general ready-to-wear items for men and women, they have created other brands (still under the Cotton On name) to specifically cater to your needs. Below are other Cotton On brands that you should be aware of:

Cotton On Body

For women with an active lifestyle, Cotton On Body lets you choose from a great selection of lingerie, activewear, and swimwear. Like their main brand, Cotton On Body provides you with affordable and good quality products.

Cotton On Kids

Picking the right outfit for kids can be tougher than expected. Finding the right style and comfort can be quite a challenge but not with Cotton On Kids! Designed specifically for girls and boys, Cotton On Kids provides maximum comfort for your playful little ones without compromising style and price!


COAR is an acronym for Cotton On Active Range which is a brand dedicated to providing top-notch activewear for both men and women. In contrasts to Cotton On Body, COAR has better selection of products for runners, regular gym goers, and even cross-fitters.


For older kids and teens, Factorie from Cotton On is something that you should look into. With this brand, you can always look into the hottest trends for the youth of today.


Of course, a good outfit will never be complete without a bag and a good pair of shoes. Rubi lets you in on the latest trends in bags and footwear for both men and women. From flats, boots, heels, sandals, backpacks, totes, and more, Rubi is a brand under Cotton On that you can count on.

The main reason why everyone loves Cotton On is because of the brand’s ability to deliver on-trend, effortlessly cool and affordable fashion. This Aussie brand, offers the exact thing that you never knew you needed, styles straight off the latest runways and fashion week at the best price money has to offer. Cotton On offers apparels, accessories and newly introduced a Homeware category, everything you want and need for you and for your house, under one roof. This brand is proud to offer you and everyone in the world laid-back, quintessential modern Australian style to the world.