If you love to play with volume and proportions and a fan of fuss-free dressing, then COS is the right brand for you. COS, a sister brand to the popular Swedish brand, H&M, is a high-street ready-to-wear label that offers clothing pieces influenced by architecture, graphics, design, and art that are still timeless and modern with minimal design.  Check out the hottest selection of clothing from COS Malaysia below.


Must-Have Pieces from COS Malaysia

COS, or otherwise known as Collection of Style,  is a Swedish lifestyle brand created in 2007 by the parent company, H&M. Launched during a catwalk show at the Royal Academy during that same year, COS is regarded as a high-end fashion brand for men and women, who want modern, practical and considered design, and it is positioned at a slightly higher price point than the parent company, H&M. Unlike H&M, however, COS focuses on creating pieces that are timeless and will have life,  beyond the present trends and seasons, giving the customers, wardrobe pieces that feel both classic and modern. COS has quite the repertoire when it comes to clothing. Here's a lowdown on the best pieces from the brand:

COS Clothing for Men

COS has an exciting selection of clothing for men ranging from coats and jackets, tops, pants, jeans, underwear, accessories and a whole lot more! COS clothing for men is best described as smart and casual with a simple yet elegant flair. Every modern man needs at least one of their stylish pieces!

To start it off, COS tops for men are an essential. They have an excellent selection of T-shirts and sweaters that you can layer out or wear as it is. COS tops are simple enough to blend in with other accents of your outfit yet they can stand alone on their own. The range has plenty of neutral colors but you can also spice it up with some yellows and maroons.

COS Clothing for Women

Like their men's clothing, COS clothing for women also shares the same simplistic flair with a touch of elegance. Perfect for all occasions, COS clothing for women gives you exciting choices when it comes to dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, knitwear, and even for sleepwear and swimwear collections.

As a must in your wardrobe, COS has a wide selection of dresses to choose from; everything with a purpose to make you like the dazzling queen that you are. What you will notice, however, is not the length of the skirt nor the colors but the cut. Although unusual, COS dresses are definitely unique in their own way - mixing contemporary flavor with classic designs.

COS Clothing for Kids

Aside from clothing options for adults, COS also has an entire line of clothing for kids from ages 3-10 years old. Reflecting the playful and colorful nature of kids, COS has created a selection of clothing from tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories that children can be comfortable with. By combining textures, COS has created a spirited concept that would suit the lighthearted nature of children.

Knit fabric has always been a beautiful and eye-catching texture that would look great with any other fabric. It is also snug, extremely comfortable, and flexible, making it the perfect fabric for kid's clothing. COS' kid's clothing has a wide selection of knitwear from sweaters, cardigans, and beanies in a playful array of colors that would make your darlings absolutely adorable!

Other COS Products

Besides clothing, COS also has other products that you should check out including accessories, shoes, bags, hats, scarves, and even jewelry for men, women, and kids. Along with its minimalistic clothing designs, COS lets you complete your look with exciting accessories that would suit your style.

Why You Should Choose COS Malaysia

If you're looking for your next go-to outfit for school or the office, COS is a great way to go. COS gives you stunning runway looks that combine the eccentricity of couture while making it wearable. Here are reasons why you should choose COS Malaysia:

  • COS clothing is for everyone - no matter what your personal style is, COS has something for everyone- whether it is a gorgeous pair of trousers, a cool leather jacket or a pretty dress 
  • The prices are affordable - while shoppers wouldn't able to find ridiculous cheap clothing at COS, the prices here are still attainable for the fashionable pieces you are getting. 
  • The Lookbooks are refreshing - shoppers who are on the hunt for new and inspirational styling tips have a new spot to go to as the COS store website has some inspiring lookbooks that will make you want to go on a shopping spree! 

COS has come a long way from Sweden to London and the first U.S store in Soho, New York. Now you can get your hands on the contemporary classic wardrobe essentials from COS. Stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletters to receive the best about your favored brands, products, promotions, and deals straight into your inbox!