When it comes to art materials such as markers, inks, paper, and pens, you can’t find any better brand that Copic. Copic has some of the best color sets and art materials available online! Simply scroll down below or click here to read more about Copic Malaysia.


Enhance your Creativity with Copic Malaysia

Art takes many forms, shapes, and sizes. From the smallest miniature scales to the largest murals and sculptures, art takes a dynamic form which yearns to express and deliver the artists’ message. For artists and art fanatics, nothing relieves stress better than creating art. Among the most common methods of art is drawing and sketching. To enhance your creativity and imagination, Copic has some of the most dynamic art materials you can find online! From inks, pens, markers, and paper, to air brush tools, you will find everything you need from the brand.

Copic 101 - How it Began

Copic is Imagination International Inc’s own brand of art materials, producing colors, inks, markers, paper, and air brush systems for many art enthusiasts and professionals across the globe. The brand inspires creativity, not only in kids but amongst adults through high-quality art materials that every artist would certainly love. On top of the brand Copic are also hosting several art tutorials for their customers which would surely take your art skills to the next level.

About Imagination International Inc

With a dream to make the world a better place, Imagination International Incorporated was formed in 1998 in a small spare bedroom in Oregon. The brand is well known for their creative brands including Copic which are a sure hit amongst artist around the world. From a single spare room to a 70,000 square foot facility, the company has driven success through making a better, more colorful world.

Basic Copic products that every art fanatic should have

Every artist has its own medium for creating art. For sculptors, stone, metal, or wood might be more appropriate but for painting, sketching, and stencil, a more specific set of materials are needed. Inks, markers, pens, color, nibs, and paper are just some of the basic needs of every artist. Copic provides excellent quality products that would bring out the life in all your pieces.

Copic Markers, Inks and Pens

One of the most popular products from Copic, Copic markers, inks, and pens have some of the most vibrant colors you can ever find today. Copic markers carry a slightly off-pH alcohol but becomes acid-free once dry. You can use inks and markers on fabric, shoes, and bags, and the best thing is its guaranteed 3-year shelf life, even if you don’t use them.

Copic Paper

Considered as your canvas, Copic paper has some of the most dynamic choices of paper for different art mediums. The brand has a special variety of paper which would suit your art style. Paper-crafting, black and white comic art, product design/ architecture, and mixed media art are just some of the many things you can do with a Copic paper.

Copic Airbrush systems

A medium for a more advanced artist, Copic also has easy to operate airbrush system which lets you spray ink on paper in various ways. What makes it great is its small, and portable body which makes it great for art conventions, and travel. Copic has three airbrush systems namely the Copic ABS-1N and the Copic ABS-2, and the Copic ABS-3.

Copic Nibs

Nibs are the pointed part of a marker which evenly distributes ink throughout your paper. A great thing about Copic nibs is that it is replaceable with tons of different types of nibs available. Depending on your style and design, Copic has the perfect nibs for you ranging from Sketch nibs to Ciao, and wide nibs.

Copic Lightbox

Guaranteed no flicker, and a great workspace, Copic Lightbox offers a thin and portable work surface with solid state LED and durable acrylic surface, featuring smooth and rounded edges. The lamp life can exceed up to 50,000 hours of of use, and is great for detailed projects.

Copic Malaysia - Driving Inspiration

What makes Copic unique is its overall dedication to art. From their products to their tutorials online, you will surely find inspiration. In addition, the brand also hosts contests, arts and crafts classes and so much more! Copic doesn’t only provide you with the tools you need, they are also making sure that you put them to use with their educational tutorials online and offline.

Copic is a great brand every artist must have. If you want to take a look at available Copic products online, you can click here. You can also browse over to different art brands such as Faber Castell, Crayola, Staedtler, Rotring and so much more!