Ladies, you can now rock out a brand new pair of Converse shoes in Malaysia without breaking your bank. And better yet, everything in your wardrobe goes amazingly with a Converse shoe. Want to know more? Read on to find out.


Converse Shoes Malaysia exclusively for the Ladies

Will the real lovers of Converse please stand up, or read up to be exact. We wear Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, you wear Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star, everyone wears Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. What started out as a pair for the court, a humble basketball shoe has now bloomed in all corners of the world, collecting a huge fan base in its casual, wear-with anything cool pair of shoes.

Converse shoes for Women, transcending time and functions

Converse Malaysia have been in the business for longer than we’ve been alive, way back since 1908. Ever since then, their shoes have surpassed “types”, having covered the feet of rappers, punks, basketball players, rebels, grunge-sters and fashion lovers everywhere. They are the type of sneakers that looks just as awesome when they are brand new or have years of wear and tear, and just as cool on you as they are on your dad, mom, and your grandpa.

For us women, when it comes to buying shoes, heels would always come first on the list, then the sandals, the flats, flip-flops and then maybe the sneakers. But, we do need that pair of sneakers that we can wear on days when we just want to bury our feet in is something really, really comfortable. Converse shoes are one of the most iconic pair that you can get your hands on, and not to mention it looks great too. Not only are they durable affordable, they can literally be styled with anything. Ladies, this shoe is the ultimate pair that fits right in with everything in your wardrobe, one pair for all! If you don’t already have one, the time has come for you to get one, ASAP!

The type of shoe that fits your style and personality

Choosing your Mr. Perfect Converse can be a hard decision to make. You have to pick one style from their famous 4:

  • High Top
  • Mid
  • Low Top
  • Slip

The different colour that would suit your personality and style:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Green
  • Off-White
  • Grey
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Neon
  • Mauve
  • Light Blue

Or from their Limited Edition Collaboration collection like the:

  • Converse X The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts Inc.
  • Converse X Comme Des Garcons
  • Converse X The Lupe Fiasco
  • Converse X Missoni
  • Converse X Nintendo
  • Converse X Maison Margiela
  • Converse X DC Comics

No matter what you choose, just remember that your pair of shoes from Converse Malaysia is the greatest investment you have ever done for your wardrobe. Remember, one shoe for your whole wardrobe!

Get that Voguish look with the Casual Converse Shoes for Women

If you are wondering how to incorporate your whole wardrobe with your Converse shoes, do not stop reading! We have just the tips you need. Yes, they look killer with jeans and other casual pieces too, but do you know that Converse goes well with dressy things too? Here are ways you can dress up with your Converse.

  1. Go casual all the way with a pair of white jeans, a halter or tank top (solid colour/lacy) without forgetting the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars in black or pink or light blue, the choice is yours.
  2. High- top Chuck Taylors with denim shorts, graphic tee or crop tops adds edge to your look.
  3. You can never go wrong with sweater, black skinnies and White Converse.
  4. Floral Printed dress, denim jacket, mid-rise sneakers screams summer!
  5. Mix a boho look with a long colourful dress, a a bag with tassels, a pair of Converse and the must have feathery hair accessories.
  6. Get that feminine edgy look with a pink or nude tulle skirt, cut-out top and a pair of White Low Converse.
  7. A pencil skirt and a pair of Converse goes hand in hand with each other. Especially if paired with a crispy white shirt. Feminine + Workaholic all in one.
  8. Achieve that school girl look with a plaid skirt, a plain white top, short socks (a must have) and Converse sneakers. You can also can a cardigan or blazer to take your look to a whole new level.

Ladies, now that you know everything about how to style your Converse Malaysia shoe, get your perfect pair online from iprice today.