Converse is one of the oldest and most sought-after and best-selling shoe brands of all time. The Converse sneakers are the footwear icon of the American pop culture with fans ranging from not only teenagers and skateboarders but also the First Lady of the United States herself. Adding that casual look to any ensemble, Converse is the top choice footwear when it comes to comfort, functionality, and style. Read more about Converse Malaysia below to find out.

What is the difference between Converse All Star and Chuck Taylor? | How can you tell if a shoe from Converse Malaysia is fake?

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A Great Selection of Converse Shoe Collection for Converse Fans

The wide range of Converse shoe caters to every known budget and type. Since there are tons of different Converse shoe designs, it can be annoying to choose and decide which pair of Converse shoes you want to get. With this simple guide, all of your worries will not trouble anymore. As you scroll further, you can take a look at the great selection of Converse shoe collection. If you are a Converse Malaysia fan, you need to get them now!

Converse Malaysia - Your Ticket to Real Edgy & Cool Classics

Heavily influenced by street fashion, Converse is an icon of urban lifestyle. It is a brand of choice for many rock stars including Green Day, Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, All American Rejects, the Ramones, even Paul Mccartney, and Slash! Aside from that, Converse is also a great influence in extreme sports including BMX and skateboarding, sponsoring several pros in the scene. Aside from that, the huge wave of grunge music in the 90s, the boom of emo, goth and street culture skyrocketed the brand to where it is now.

The "it" shoes for Streetwear

While the brand was first known for manufacturing footwear, throughout the years, Converse has explored other ventures as well including clothing, accessories, and bags which had also contributed to its success. Among their most famous collections include the All-Star, and Jack Purcell which had become an iconic look for street fashion. Suited for both men and women of all ages, you can be effortlessly street and punk rock when you rock your chucks with exciting new tops, bags, and accessories from Converse! Whether you want to go out with your friends, go to the skatepark to shred, or simply hanging out with your homies, Converse is suited for all occasions.

Enjoy the Prestige and Power of Converse Designs

What is great about Converse is its wide range of options in terms of products. You can choose from different sets of shoes, caps, accessories, tops, pants, and so much more! On top of that, Converse provides high-quality merchandise with exciting designs greatly influenced by urban lifestyle. You can be hip and cool without sacrificing much of your comfort with Converse.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

The gorgeous Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the one that started it all for Converse. When it comes to sneakers, there is nothing purer than a canvas upper and a vulcanized rubber sole. It is the sneaker that spawned countless imitators with its star-centred patch, rubber toe cap, toe bumper and striping. Created in 1917, the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was the original basketball shoe. While its use has changed over the years, it is still perfect in its simplicity. Thanks to its timeless silhouette, vulcanized rubber sole and unmistakable ankle patch, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top sneaker is ready for you to make it your own.

As one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top sneaker is so popular and fashionable that it emerges as the crowd's favourite from year to year. This pair of Converse sneakers go well with any outfit. Impressively, it is a classic design that will never run out of style. No one will get bored with this Converse sneaker design. Despite the simple design, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top sneaker is durable and can last for a long time. Whether you are strolling or walking around town, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star high top sneaker is perfect for all occasions.

Converse Fastbreak

Immortalized by Michael Jordan during his UNC career and on an international stage, the Converse Fastbreak sneaker broke ground on its 1983 introduction. This sneaker’s foam, nylon, and leather blend were engineered to make it one of the lightest hoops shoes of its era. From a legendary court legacy to a street-level lifestyle, absolute authenticity is embodied in the classic looks and timeless comfort of a vintage masterpiece. Simple and versatile, the up-beat Converse Fastbreak truly lives up to its name.

Its neutral colour makes it easier for you to pair well with any outfit effortlessly. The Converse Fastbreak sneaker is also recognized as part of the staple streetwear because you can achieve the street look without trying too hard. From casual to smart casual, this Converse sneaker will show you the right way to do it. Like its name, you can aspire to be the next trendsetter because this Converse sneaker makes the perfect fashion statement.

Converse Jack Purcell Classic Colors

This is the legendary Converse Jack Purcell sneaker which has fundamentally gone unchanged since the 1930s. It has a durable canvas upper, canvas lining and removable EVA insert for comfort, traditional metal eyelets, rubber-wrapped midsole, classic light-blue rubber outsole, medial-side air vent holes for breathability and the unmistakable Jack Purcell smile on the toe cap. All of these wonderful features have been put together so well that you can look good while enjoying its comfort at the same time.

While its selection of colour choices can be basic, the colour quality has been considered as top-notch. Most of the time, you will agree that simplicity is always the best decision in the arena of fashion sensibilities. This Converse sneaker is well-liked by most people because it allows you to be yourself. It is one of the few designs that enable you to stay at peace with yourself and be truthful about it. Unpretentiously sophisticated, the simple Converse Jack Purcell Classic Colors sneaker is what you need to celebrate your individuality.

Converse CONS One Star Prime Leather

The Converse CONS One Star Prime Leather shoe design pushes the classic One Star silhouette to where it has never been before. The gorgeous Converse shoe uses premium tumbled leather in a unique one-piece construction that delivers a seamless fit. Once you put your feet in them, you will never regret it. Most leather shoes in the market can be rigid and uncomfortable when you wear them. As for the Converse CONS One Star Prime Leather shoe, it proves that you can wear a leather shoe comfortably.

The standout feature is the next-level cushioning technology. A Nike Cushion sockliner is fitted with a full-length Nike Zoom Air unit and covered with a leather footbed for all-day wear. Basically, such incredible innovation features enable you to wear for a long time without damaging your feet. Furthermore, you can take delight in its high level of comfort and support. This Converse CONS One Star Prime Leather focuses on exceptional materials and minimalist design. As a result, it stands for the intersection of street style and modern comfort.

What is the difference between Converse All Star and Chuck Taylor?

Chuck Taylor All Star is a shoe collection designed and made by Converse MY. Both Chuck Taylor and All-Star have no difference and have been a part of the collection name ever since its creation 1917. It was designed by a basketball star, Chuck Taylor, who then became a Converse shoe salesman.

How can you tell if a shoe from Converse Malaysia is fake?

Here are some of the ways you can spot a pair of fake Converse.

  1. Pay attention to the price.
  2. Take a look at the logo. If the patch wasn’t sewn on neatly and has errors in the printing, the shoe is most likely a fake.
  3. Examine the packaging. The shoe box should be appropriately labelled with all the necessary information like product codes, barcode, size, colour, etc.

How long do Converse shoes last?

If worn daily, converse shoes can last up to 1 year. With careful usage, it could last slightly longer than a year.