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Contour Plus Blood Glucose Monitoring System Glucometer FREE ALCOHOL PAD
RM 79.90 RM 100.00

The CONTOUR™PLUS system helps you test with ease and uses remarkably accurate CONTOUR™PLUS test strips Life time warranty Accurate — Delivers closer to lab results, so you can test with confidence No Coding™ and no setup requirements — ready to test right out of the box Second-Chance™ sampling — tells you when to apply more blood if the first sample was not enough Simple and advanced features to meet your testing needs, from basic to more in-depth. Personalized HI/LO target ranges Weekly HI/LO summaries to give a snapshot of your current blood glucose status 7-, 14-, and 30-day averages Meal markers to help you understand how food impacts your blood glucose Audible reminders to help you remember to test after eating CONTOUR PLUS Test Strips from Bayer Special Features: Sip-in sampling helps get the right amount of blood on the first try Unaffected by many common interfering substances* Identifiable by the Bayer branding on the face of the strip CONTOURTMPLUS test strips work with CONTOUR PLUS meters for advanced accuracy: Closer to lab results so you can test with confidence1 No Coding technology eliminates errors due to user miscoding Second-Chance Sampling allows you to add more blood, when the first sample isn't enough CONTOURTMPLUS Blood Glucose Monitoring (BGM) System The CONTOUR PLUS blood glucose monitoring system from Bayer was designed with you in mind, whether you're newly diagnosed or looking for a new meter. Easy-to-use Ready to test right out of the box. No Coding technology Miscoded meters can lead to inaccurate blood glucose readings. No CodingTM technology eliminates errors due to user miscoding, so you and your healthcare team can confidently make decisions to help manage your diabetes. MultiPulse technology MULTIPULSE accuracy technology from Bayer: Is embedded in the meter and the test strip. Consists of a proprietary algorithm and mediator that together ensure that meters from Bayer deliver accurate results, even at lower blood glucose concentrations. Is not affected by many common interfering substances*.

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Contour TS Blood Glucose Monitoring System Starter Set+ 25 strips<-(Exp 02/2018)
RM 53.00

The CONTOUR®TS meter offers true simplicity. Easy-to-read display Simple on-screen messages 5 second test countdown Easy-to-see test strip port Simple two button navigation Uses CONTOUR®TS test strips The CONTOUR®TS meter uses CONTOUR®TS test strips to deliver a truly simple result. Tiny 0.6 μL sample size No Coding technology removes the need to manually code the meter before testing, eliminating errors due to miscoding 24 month open pot expiry The Contour TS is a lightweight, simple to use blood glucose meter. The TS stands for True Simplicity and has been confirmed by Bayer as meeting ISO 15197:2013 for 2016. The meter features a monochome display, which is suited to the simple-to-use messages that appear on screen. Uncomplicated testing The Contour TS only has 2 buttons - which means its suited to those who want uncomplicated testing. A blood glucose test with the Contour TS takes 5 seconds. To perform a test, simply insert the test strip into the meter and apply a drop of blood to the strip. The Contour TS switches itself off automatically when you remove the strip. The meter uses No Coding technology, has a 250 test memory and uses the Contour TS blood glucose test strip. 24 month expiry on test strips Possibly one of the best features of the Contour TS comes in the form of its test strips which have a 24 month open pot expiry. This means that the test strips inside the pot can be used for upto 24 months once the seal has been broken. Technical specifications Blood sample size: 0.5 microlitres Time for result: 5 seconds Memory: 250 results Average: 14 days Battery: One 3-volt CR2032 lithium battery

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