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Consto Dress Pants
RM 99.80 RM 105.00
Brand from China: Consto. Color: Khaki, Materials: Cotton, Polyester, Size: 28: Waist: 70cm, Front Rise: 25cm, Hips: 91cm, Thigh: 45cm, Hem: 16cm, Total Length: 101cm 29: Waist: 73cm, Front Rise: 25cm, Hips: 94cm, Thigh: 47cm, Hem: 17cm, Total Length: 102cm 30: Waist: 77cm, Front Rise: 26cm, Hips: 97cm, Thigh: 48cm, Hem: 17cm, Total Length: 103cm 31: Waist: 80cm, Front Rise: 26cm, Hips: 100cm, Thigh: 49cm, Hem: 18cm, Total Length: 104cm 32: Waist: 83cm, Front Rise: 27cm, Hips: 103cm, Thigh: 50cm, Hem: 18cm, Total Length: 105cm 33: Waist: 87cm, Front Rise: 27cm, Hips: 106cm, Thigh: 51cm, Hem: 19cm, Total Length: 106cm 34: Waist: 90cm, Front Rise: 28cm, Hips: 108cm, Thigh: 53cm, Hem: 19cm, Total Length: 107cm 36: Waist: 93cm, Front Rise: 28cm, Hips: 110cm, Thigh: 54cm, Hem: 20cm, Total Length: 108cm 38: Waist: 97cm, Front Rise: 29cm, Hips: 112cm, Thigh: 56cm, Hem: 21cm, Total Length: 109cm, Care: N/A
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Consto Striped Sweatpants
RM 84.00 RM 105.00
Brand from China: Consto. Color: Gray, Materials: Viscose, Polyester, Nylon, Size: 29: Rise (Front): 25cm, Hips: 98cm, Thigh: 50cm, Hem: 10cm, Total Length: 87cm 30: Rise (Front): 26cm, Hips: 100cm, Thigh: 51cm, Hem: 10cm, Total Length: 88cm 31: Rise (Front): 26cm, Hips: 102cm, Thigh: 52cm, Hem: 11cm, Total Length: 89cm 32: Rise (Front): 27cm, Hips: 104cm, Thigh: 53cm, Hem: 11cm, Total Length: 90cm 33: Rise (Front): 27cm, Hips: 108cm, Thigh: 54cm, Hem: 12cm, Total Length: 91cm 34: Rise (Front): 28cm, Hips: 110cm, Thigh: 55cm, Hem: 12cm, Total Length: 92cm, Care: N/A
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*Prices updated on 17 Oct 2017

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