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Antivirus Software Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

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Contrary to popular opinion, the antivirus software is still relevant and important as it protects your computer effectively. Read about the effectiveness of antivirus software here.

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Top Antivirus Software Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Trend Micro Internet Security 10 RM 15.90 Lazada
Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus 2016 RM 129.00 Lazada
Avira AntiVirus Pro 2016 RM 179.00 Lazada
Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2016 RM 269.90 Lazada
Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 2016 3 RM 269.90 Lazada
LiveSafe Antivirus 3 Year | 3 PC RM 60.00 Lazada
Internet Security 2019 FOR 3 PC / Mac RM 48.00 11street
Total Security 2018 1 User ( Code Only ) RM 79.00 Lazada
LiveSafe 2019 For 3 years 3 PC/Mac Download RM 65.00 Lazada
INTERNET SECURITY 2018 for 1 PC / Mac RM 14.00 11street
Most Popular
Trend Micro Internet Security 10

Cheapest at Lazada RM 49.90 RM 15.90 Go to Shop

Antivirus Software : The Best Offense Is Good Offense

Whenever we switch on our computer and an antivirus program suddenly pops out, we immediately close it because we think that it is really annoying. However, getting your antivirus software running and working with it are just first few steps towards strengthening your computer and its defenses against malware. While most pre-installed antivirus software are legitimate as they are generally being regarded as mostly well-suited for the tasks ahead, it is still important to understand how an antivirus software works because this is helpful in making the best out of it in preparing a stronger defense of your computer. Besides, you still have the choice to decide the best antivirus software that should be installed in your computer.

The phrase, "The best offense is good offense", remains true to this day and the same can be applied in using antivirus software as an effective deterrent against malware. In fact, it has been said that the only real defense is an active defense as your antivirus software should be used as effectively as possible. Mounting a stronger defense of your computer should prove to be very beneficial in the long run as your computer will be able to deal with any possible threat of infection that can either cripple your computer's operations temporarily or worst, rendering it inoperative until you boot it.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How does an antivirus software work? One misconception about antivirus software is that people often assume that their computers are already being protected when the software have been installed. This is a mistake because it did nothing other being there in your computer. As the information technology changes at quicker paces, the same can be said for computer viruses that are being constantly updated as well. You must take advantage of your antivirus software by updating it regularly so that it can stand toe-to-toe in eliminating these nasty viruses.

Even then, it is still not enough to update your antivirus software because the latest viruses have been designed to be able to infiltrate your computer system while making fool out of the antivirus software's scanning operation. This is also where you learn to use your antivirus software more effectively as you can conduct better and more thorough scans, clean-ups and tests with them. As if it is not enough, such measures are still not effective enough in protecting your beloved data in the computer. Just as malware such as viruses and malicious codes come from different sources, so too is the myriad of antivirus software brands.

Established Antivirus Software Brands That You Should Know

The growth of technology and its application are so staggering that there is a lot of antivirus software brands in the market. In order to mount better and effective solution in securing and protecting your data, you should search for established antivirus software brands that can search and destroy any virus in your system.

Avast : Already an familiar name in the world of antivirus software, Avast is amazing as it is one of the first few companies that offer free antivirus software as early as 2001. Avast! Pro Antivirus 2016 is the latest antivirus software that is always on the look for you as it is able to detect when your applications are out of date and updates them when they are.
Avira : Since 1986, Avira has been active in the business of providing effective antivirus software. Avira Antivirus Pro 2016 has been said to be impressive as it boasts strong yet accurate detection capability while deterring virus attacks at the same time. This Avira antivirus software contains superior antiphishing test that many browsers unable to detect and examine in the first place.
Kaspersky : Hailing from Russia, Kasperky is a renowned software security group that builds powerful antivirus software. Kaspersky Anti-virus 2016 offers several useful security tools that add another different layer in protecting your data. Most importantly, this Kaspersky antivirus software is an expert at blocking malware.

Protect Your Precious Data With Antivirus Software

As there is a lot of free antivirus software out there, you might wonder whether purchasing antivirus software is a viable option. As mentioned earlier, the paid version of antivirus software definitely boasts its perks as you are entitled to a full range of extensive tools in defending your computer. Not only that, it also includes 24/7 technical support that is useful especially during emergency. While it is commendable in building a stronger defense to protect your data, you are highly encouraged to take it further by starting to backup all of your invaluable data with highly optimized backup software. You can take a look at the latest backup software to get the best tool for the job!