We can thank the Father of Software, Watts Humphrey, for his contribution to the modern technological world for if not because of him, there won't be a software running smoothly anywhere in the world. Find out more about this below.

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Software Malaysia: Making Your Hardware Functional and With Purpose

Software Malaysia: The Tings, The Tangs, and The Silent Workers Behind Every Device

Most certainly, you are reading this jumble of words from the screen of your laptop, PC, or even your mobile device. We're here to give you a moment to cherish the discovery and extensive development of computer software that have thrusted the world into the modern technological world it is.

A computer software is a series of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific tasks or operations. Each software utilizes a machine language known as "machine code". There are 3 main types of software:

  • Purpose or domain of use - divided by application, system, and malicious software
  • Nature or domain of execution - consist of desktop applications, JavaScript, server software, plugins, embedded software, and microcode
  • Programming Tools - used to create, debug, maintain, and support all other systems

On this site, you can browse through 2 different categories of software; Antivirus and Games. We are going to persuade you into purchasing at least one from the 2 categories of software. Read on below.

Get Your Pick of Antivirus and Game Software Right Here!

The very Internet browser you are currently using is considered as a software itself. We sure do hope that you have installed a trustworthy and efficient Antivirus software to keep your device of choice safe from malicious harm. An Antivirus software (AV for short), is used to prevent, detect, and remove malicious software. Popular brands of AVs include AVG, Panda, Avira, and McAfee. Most of these protective software offer the options of doing regular checkups of your computer for new, old, and hidden viruses that might corrupt or disrupt your system. If you managed to get your hands on a free one downloaded freely from the Internet, then you can expect just enough security for your device. However, we would highly suggest you to purchase your very own certified copy of AV to retain total and trustworthy protection for your device. You can check out these brands first to get started;

  1. Avira
  2. Kaspersky
  3. McAfee

Another type of software you can get here on iprice is the game type. The coalition of advanced software and the rising need of virtual gaming realities has produced gaming software. This particular is divided into 2 further sub-categories; development and entertainment. For gaming software that are development-focused, you use these software to design, develop, edit, and make gaming virtual realities. This include introducing the "machine codes" to strings of instructions to enable them to project endless worlds of virtual reality. It sounds cooler in person--to see people put in codes and produce stunning games. The other sub-category is the entertainment-focused one. We are certain most of you are well aware of what video games are and it shouldn't surprise you to know that these are actually software. All those virtual physics and stunning visuals are thanks to the highly regarded Watt Humphrey.

We're Not Going Soft on These Software, We Go All Hard, the iprice way

What we mean by the iprice way is that apart from taking away the hassle from you to search for software through multiple sites, we also provide great discounts and offers for the products that you see here. We're not going soft on the price-lowering even!

As such, scroll back up to the listings and have your pick at a computer software right now.

Happy Keeping Your System Safe and Entertaining!